8/16/2007 – A*T Chronicles: Fabiosis

Every All*Star Thursday hold a special place in my heart with the Guest Jammer vist of Mr. Schiller heading the list. Well there is now a 1A because something incredible just went down here in NYC. Reigning World Champion Fabio Sanna flew into NYC at the invitation of the A*T Board and it was an amazing experience for all of us. Joining us were Fearless Lou with his consort Ms. Spook, TO & the Lovely Chrissy, Joey, Stump E. Fresh, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Quinn-O, Bradford T., Jaime-TJH, and Jestin Heaver. We also had multiple Guest Jammers including Gary Auerbach (Thanks for visiting us again and again GA!), Alan Caplin, and Phil Cappa in from Philadelphia with his better half Debbie.
Normally I would describe the individual Jams at this point but there is no way I could unpack the images of the incredible level of play exhibited by everyone in attendance. There were several 4-5 man mob-ops with all of our guests giving and receiving all the energy available. Everyone really played well but I have to talk about one cat in particular.
Fabio is really a special player and person. He plays with the highest skill level which befits someone who just won a world championship but that ain’t it folks. I often write about disc knowledge to describe how people Jam. This young man plays with disc-WISDOM, a state that usually doesn’t take hold until age and injury set in. He understands the passing game, plays with joy and hunger, and is totally ambi-discerous. In other words, he’s a perfect fit for the Hard Corps of the Big Apple! Details may be lost but believe me, all of the Jams on this All*Star Thursday were worthy of Jam of the Day. Oh, and BTW–Yes, I was Yella and I will happily pass the rag on to the next recipient. Until next time…

Peace Out, Yo!

P.S. The One on One Jam featuring Joey H. and Fabio on Saturday was awe inspiring. Seeing The Kid pushing The Oracle to step it up and then seeing him rise to the occasion time and time again was incredible. Even the best will have their moment when they have to say “He’s Joey and I’m not”. Of course, Fabio brought some stuff out that raised the stakes even higher, so then Joey went to 11 (eleven). Totally Hein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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