8/30/2007 – A*Th Chronicles: 2 Daze in August Edition

Hello to all,

NYC Philosophy: Most Fun Wins!

Sorry for the delay in reporting. I have moved and don’t have a computer at home yet making writing the A*T C’s more difficult.

August 23rd: How does one follow an A*T that features a reigning World Champ and some of the most heinous best Jams we’ve ever had? Well, when I approached our hallowed ground I saw some unfamiliar faces. Who could this be? Why it’s Martin from Heidelberg with his friends Axel and Joch riding shotgun. Next to arrive were Stump E. Fresh with Jill, Claire, and BenJAMin in tow and then the Mighty Quinn made an appearance with his family. Rounding out the group were Bradford T., The Oracle, TO and the Lovely Chrissy, with Fearless Lou to maintain the proper level of chaos.

The Jamming started quickly with Martin and I getting up with Shreddy Teddy joining in without delay. Martin brought with him some of that great European foot work, smooth passing, and nailed a Big Air Gitis that brought ’round the “wocka, wocka, wocka” sound of the Gitis Mallet. The Jams have kind of blurred a bit in the detritus of my feeble brain but I do remember there was an extended mob-op where everyone got in there and did damage. The Roginator was the Yella Designee and he acted with the appropriate level of Heiniosity. If there is one truly underrated Jammer in the NYC contingent, it is the Reliable One himself.  He has great flow, a full bag o’ tricks, and always finishes co-ops with an airtight seal. That goes along with being the main host of out of town Jammers so BIG UPS to Roger Meier…and to Tricia his wife who tolerates us! 😉

August 30th: Okay…so this season of A*T’s has been remarkable in many ways and there is one overriding reason for this–Guest Jammers!!!! We have been Blessed with some who were specially invited by the Board which has been truly wonderful.

Equally amazing is the number of folks who have adjusted their visits to my hometown to accommodate a pilgrimage to our Green beach. Martin was back (girlfriend in tow) and this time we had Paul Kenney and his lovely wife gracing our presence and bringing gifts to boot. The entire Tribe came out for the last A*T of August featuring Stump E. Fresh, Richie Regs, Quinn-O, Bradford T., The Oracle, Roger, Fearless Lou (T.U.T.W…), TO and the Lovely Chrisssy, The Ageless Trevor Brown (our Yella Designee), with a special appearance by Rob “The Emperor” Fried who sat in a throne to protect his injured shoulder and his consort Susan. That is not to mention Jestin Heaver, Liam Heaver, and Mike Mena, who ranks #1 in my personal list of Mighty Heavers…no offense to Damion, Jaime, Adam “Finch” Palter, Dan Weiss and other long tossing brethren. It was tough to keep Jamming while these guys were around.

There were plenty o’ Jams to delight the soul on this day. TO and the Oracle went at it solo for a good while until the Man without Fear busted in. PK seemed to be in every Jam and Martin was just crushing his Scarecrow seals. My favorite Jam was a combo of myself, TO, PK, Joey, and Roger. There was some great flow and I hit a “Tea Bag” (a Laerbs kick-brush that sets the disc into your body) that cleared my head in a perfect set to a brush which I got a hand on but knocked it awry. I battled through the wobble (I could hear Fearless Lou’s voice in my head saying “Fight! Fight! Fight!!!!!) and wound up turning it into the best combo of my life. There was also a tremendous “UD Double O’Malley” where the disc went around all involved twice with no Delay and much Hein play. Folks were loathe to exit and the last Jam end with the coming of darkness. The Yella Designee was The Ageless Trevor Brown who inspires us all.

This is a man who is the same age as my Dad was when he passed away (I miss you, Pops!!!!) and yet he comes out to shred weekly. GO TREV!!!!!!!
There’s another Special Guest Jammer SKIPPING along on the horizon, not to mention others who have promised to join the fray. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what Santa Gitis is going to leave by The Manhole this time.

Peace Out, Yo!


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