9/6/2007 – A*T Chronicles: September 6, 2007

I’m sharing the A*T C’s with the EuroFreestyle group for the first time. I hope this helps Spread the Jam. If you have any questions on our local slang/terminology, just reach out to me or ask Fabiosis. 😉 Freestyle is Universal. – Tall Paul, The Jammin’ Heaver, NYC

Hello to all y’all:

It was yet another week of fun and frolic on our verdant pasture of plastic pleasure. Crazy as it seems, we’re already in September but our desire for shredful behavior has not abated in the least. This was Martin from Germany’s last A*T of this visit and John Titcomb (JT) joined us from Seattle while making sure his daughter was well ensconced in college on the East Coast so out Guest Jammer quota was easily fulfilled. Add that to the return of the original Yella-man, Kevin (who last year dyed his hair to go with his shorts and the Yella Jersey) who arrived early and kept JT busy while The Tribe extricated itself from our respective responsibilities. Also on hand were Stump E. Fresh, Fearless Lou, Richie Regs, TO and the Lovely Chrissy, Mary-Mary, Emperor Rob (in his throne) with his consort Susan, (The Mighty) Quinn, and The Oracle. The Heaving contingent included Liam, Ralphy Boy, Mike Tallon (who has since returned to Guatemala), and Jestin Heaver. It was very hard to just keep Jammin’ while those guys were launching at will.

My first Jam was with JT., Kevin and Martin which was interesting because John and I are ambi-discerous while Kevin is all clock, and Martin is 85% counter. This made it a bit tough to catch the flow for a bit but the challenge is half the fun. So remember kiddies–LEARN BOTH SPINS! That way you can hang in there with anybody. JT was unique in that he has major control issues—the guy can control anything you send his way without pounding the disc into submission. He also had the instincts to be in the right place at the right time for co-ops and especially the passing game. Just as we really hit a rhythm, I lost a one-of-a-kind Fearless Lou “Deer Antler Big” special nail which by miracle John spotted so I bailed to get re-nailed. Around this time I heard a bunch of commotion because walking across the Meadow for his first A*T appearance was big Rich Reilly, escorting a lovely young lady. I personally hadn’t seen him since ‘95 so this was special. After chatting a bit with him, it was time to return to the fray.

It was a lucky day for me because I got to start up with TO and as soon as we got it rolling, JT joined in and we began the shredfest. JT turned it up a notch hitting Gitis and then a Phabulous Phlaud on back to back seals putting the onus on TO who hit a triple spinning Flamingo as an exclamation point for a most Hein combo. With the disc in my court I started with the TP Express Elevator to an under the leg pull, swung that around for a single leg-over then I set it for a big air jumping under the leg seal which registered as a 4.5 on the Richter scale when I landed. Shortly thereafter the disc broke so I went for my first Margarita–thanks as always to The Lovely Chrissy, and to Stump who this week replenished the most important elemental component of said beverage.

The days are shorter now so we grabbed fresh plastic and went at it again and this time the flow was instantaneous Heinous stuff. When you’re in the Jam it is hard to recall specifics but I can tell you we inspired the Fickle Finger of (Frisbee) Fate Award winning Jammer, Stump E. Fresh to join in. This became the Jam of the Day according to Emperor Rob who served as The Central Scrutinizer and led the peanut gallery while sipping Margaritas from his Royal NYC image emblazoned coffee mug. Caution was thrown to the wind and we all skipped way passed 10 and went straight to 11 (Turn It UP!!!!) The best sequence was a Double O’Malley where JT started it at one end and then it was brushed, rolled, cuffed, and kicked until it made its way back to him for what I believe was another Phormidable Phlaud seal. Great teamwork!!!! It was right after this that your intrepid reporter tweaked his left knee while trying to do the impossible. Thank goodness it was ‘only’ a strained patella and so I just had to bail. The upside is I got to watch for a bit and my absence allowed Mr. Reilly to get in there to break a sweat. The last Jammer standing this week was Richie Regs and The Roginator had a familial commitment which means for all of his good deeds, he still shall be the Yella Designee.

The All*Star Thursday Special Guest Jammer Initiative (A*TSGJI) is proud to officially announce that the legendary SKIPPY JAMMER will be in da’ House this week! Not only that, but fortuitous timing has brought Arthur “Shred Now” Coddington to our fair city at the same time as well. The A*TSGJI has been a spectacular success from our perspective. We’ve truly been Blessed with seeing old and new faces, had the most amazing Jams, and great gatherings of The Tribe. I won’t do a season wrap-up now but let it be known that it has been an honor for NYC to host Bill Wright, reigning World Champ Fabio (The Kid) Sanna, and now Skippy Jammer. Combined with visits from folks like Gary A., PK, Martin, and all the rest, it has been a great A*T season—and it ain’t over yet folks!!!!!!

Peace Out, Yo!!!


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