9/13/2007 – A*T Chronicles: Special Skippy Sez Edition

Whassup to the Polymer Populace!!!!

The Tribal gathering that became All*Star Thursdays was really an inside-joke that Ted Shred and The Lovely Chrissy codified with Discs, T-Shirts, and of course, The Yella
Jersey. What has occurred since then has become the stuff of Legend…at least in the feeble mind of your intrepid reporter. 😉

Thus begins the tale of the Journey of Skippy Jammer, the final invitee of the 2007 All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative. This was his first trip to the Big Apple and with fortuitous timing a certain Sir Arthur of Coddington arrived to join the fray. We
had about 99.984% attendance with The Ageless Trevor Brown, Kevin, Richie Regs,
Doug E. Fresh with BenJAMin & Claire, Quinn-O & Family (dem kids is now Yella-gible!), The Oracle, The Reliable Rogelio, Bradford T., The aforementioned TedShred and Lovely Chrissy, Emperor Rob was Central Scrutinizin’ with Susan riding shotgun, Fearless Lou (The Unclean, The Walking…;Suspicious), Mary-Mary, Liam Heaver, and Ralph Heaver rounded out the field. Man, I’m tired and I just finished taking attendance.

Where do I begin…to tell the story of how great The Flow can be? A sweet JAMstory that…okay—I got carried away. The Jams were many and varied with copious  interchangeability though I tried my best to keep track. Fresh and Roger got up to loosen up first, so when Skippy, Joey, and Sir Arthur got up I heard Stump clearly stating “Oh, looks like we’re busting that!” It was then off to the races and it was without question the early contender for Jam of the Day. The Flow among this group was instantaneous
and prolonged. There was one UD sequence that was like an Ultra O’Malley where each player got the disc made 1-High Degree of Difficulty move and passed it smoothly to the next to the next to the next, totaling 7 passes. Maintaining the integrity of the Jam and the flight of the disc in the UD dimension like that brought the peanut gallery to its feet and even got applause from passersby. I knew it was a good day and I hadn’t even gotten started yet.

The Big Boy Jam got us all hyped up and I had the good fortune of starting out with Richie Regs and TedShred who came out for the Counter Jam. Still feeling the effects of last week’s knee tweak, I put on a brace for support, gritted my teeth a bit, and used a little guile and a lot o’ adrenaline and headed deep into The Zone. I rely here on notes of the various combinations of players I saw. The next combo I was in included The Ageless
Trevor Brown, Skippy, Sir Arthur and Arthur did some really amazing work. When
he says “ShredNOW!” he is not kidding. There was something he called Pandora
which he can certainly explain if you ask him on his website. Me? I was stunned because he hit this impossible move twice in that Jam let alone any of the other zany brainy shenanigans Skippy pulled off. Soon, I had to take a break for bit of the
Heavenly Nectar and during that time Skee-Pay zinged himself into something
with TO that turned remarkable. Running full bore in formation, Skippy hit a scarecrow brush set which sailed to a height of 18 feet in the air arcing perfectly out to TO who caught in stride under the leg. On the way back from that jaunt Skippy’s fast feet sprinted in so he could hit a double spinning brush set to Joey that was just platter/sizzlin’ goodness that he in turn combo’d with panache into a sweet seal. OoooooWeeeeeeee!!!!

This spontaneously led to the gathering for a full on portrait of The Tribe (less Fearless Lou who had to tend to his ‘sponsibilities and arrived almost at that moment). Nature and
NYC’s penchant for glass encased architecture conspired to create a beautiful tableau as the sun reflected off of the Bloomberg building. It looked as if a giant mirror was bathing the Sheep’s Meadow in light that could truly be described as the definition of SUPERnatural. It shown with such intensity that we all had our shadows recast from the
East as if in the morning once again. Right up there with the 170° A*T Rainbow earlier in the season for stunning beauty and a perfect intermission before the games began with even greater urgency.

This display of the Most Hein of the Most High inspired me to get TedShred and Sir Arthur shaking dat tree. We must’ve been doing something right because here comes Doug E Fresh, no trace of stumpiness in his stride.  This Jam carried me through the end of the
day with TO pushin’ Fresh, Fresh pressin’ me, and Sir Arthur placing the onus on each of us time and again, raising the stakes and degree of pain/pleasure with each combo. When I finally completed my run with the coming of dusk it was with the knowledge that when
passion and stick-to-it-tiveness combine, Life becomes special.

Brad, Roger, and Kevin were the last Jammers standing but the Jam of the Day Honors on this most incredible of days goes to…drum roll, please…Joey, Skippy, and Fearless Lou (T.U.T.W…;S) as per Emperor Rob, The Central Scrutinizer who wanted so much to get the ^%$^$# off the DL already and Shred. This Jam featuring a 100e mold had Joey announcing to Skip “THAT was Bodonkadonk!!” after hitting his signature Counter UD right footed Laerbs Kick to the Left handed delay. It was a real heartfelt tribute to that true All*Star Thursday credo: Most Fun Wins!!!! It was with that in mind that Doug E. Fresh handed Joey the Inaugural Gamboa–named for our fallen friend ‘Hein’ Diego—and
given at the discretion of the bearer and a subcommittee of The Board to number
between 2 and 69. This made The Oracle the Heinest of the Hein/Most Dog Inside Jammer of this memorable evening. Upon retiring to Chez Meier where The Lady
Tricia and The Roginator hosted us al for the ritual Malt Beverage, burgers and
Bambi dawgs the next Yella Designee was discussed but remains unnamed.

There is actually more but that will wait for another day. Thanks for listening!

Peace Out, Yo!

Skippy Jammer - Guest Jammer

Kevin "Skippy Jammer" Givens

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