9/27/2007 – A*T Chronicle: September 27, 2007

The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: September 27, 2007

As the days grow shorter (is that an oxymoronic phrase?) we generally try to JAM one hundred pounds of Shred into a 2 Kilo bag. Most everyone arrived early and got down to
business pretty quickly. In attendance were Quinn-O, Bradford T., Fearless Lou, The
Ageless Trevor Brown, TedShred, Doug E. Fresh, The Oracle, Kevin, Emperor Rob ‘n Sue, Jestin Heaver, Liam (another new Dad) Heaver, Ralph Heaver, and Mary-Mary.

The Ageless TB, Fearless, and Kevin got up and did some damage with Trevor snapping off his angled backhand with much Zzzzzz. Kevin continued to making steady progress in
both throws and seals and my boy Fearless was crushing everything in his way. Me?
I was just about to bust some Jam when I heard Jestin Heaver proclaim “Paul…What are you doing?” Anytime one hears this question from Jestin, they had better be prepared because there’s like a disc coming in at high speed RIGHT NOW!!!! I could not refuse such an invitation and got myself going by jumping into a two-disc Heave with Jestin and Liam which was outstanding. I was at the point with both gentlemen firing away at me while I kept returning the discs quickfastinahurry in kind. We got a nice rhythm and when I broke a sweat it was time for me to behave shredfully.

TO, Quinn-O, and Mr. E. Fresh were goin’ at it pretty hard and the voice in my head said “I’m Seizin’ It!!!” and I dove into the deep end of the pool. There was lots of movement
right from the start. Quinn the Southpaw was in fine form as is his norm, while Fresh was simply brilliant. You can’t call a guy like Stump underrated because of the level of his play and longevity, but sometimes folks neglect to mention him among the best of the best.
He’s not spectacular like TO nor a mystic like Joey but he is always in the right place at the right time, making or calling the right play. Something must’ve looked Hein because suddenly The Oracle strode towards the four of us planted his feet and said “Don’t worry, I’ll make it work”…as if any of us was gonna complain about his presence? And thus began what became the Jam of the Day.

The Flow burst forth like a torrent with several multi-O’Malley’s and a couple of almOst’Malleys. Joey nailed three Scarecrow brushes and most impressively, when Fresh said “Spat this…” on cue, he hit said Spat (a change of angle foot brush) so perfectly and so casually that it looked like an optical illusion. It was just magical. Shreddy Teddy was equally inspired and he made his bid for Combo du Jour. After doing his patented front roll, behind the head roll, and roll to the elbow set, he spun twice to his right, brushed the disc back up, spun twice to his left then reaching down he went for Giti…Giti…DANG!!! Everything but The Girl. That wench dove out of the limo at the last possible moment. My own attempt at the spectacular was when I hit a Teabag set, looked up and heard the angels singing, then turned and went for Gitis. It bounced off my hand and I hit the turf but heard Joey and Rob saying “way to go for it”. I’m still huntin’ but I’m gonna get that bad boy this week! We kept this thing going until we were shrouded in the shadows of
evening. The Board decided that The Lovely Chrissy would be the Yella Designee. She got stuck on the George Washington Bridge for three hours leaving The Tribe feeling terribly lonely–not to mention thirsty. Another A*T in the books. Who’s coming in next?


P.S. I’m going to put together a glossary of NYC Tribal vernacular beacuse so much of the A*TC’s speaks about Teabags, Bodonkadonks, and O’Malley’s.

P.P.S. I heard John O’Malley is in the Bay area somewhere. If anyone speaks to him, tell him TP sez Whassup.

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