4/10/2008 – The Return of the A*T Chronicles!!!!

Hail and Well Met my Brethren and Sistren,

I got up yesterday morning all amped up because the sun was shining and the
forecast was for 68 degrees on our Green Beach. I took the subway to 72nd
Street, and made my way via the ‘official’ A*T bridal pathway, using all of my
self control to keep from skipping and frolicking, which would have drawn a bit
too much attention. I was so focused that I nearly missed Jaime, TJH and his
spousal unit Barbara as I was walking by them, barely slowing my pace.

I knew Sir Tedley and the Lovely Chrissy were on there way as I had gotten a
call to make sure The Meadow was open. Richie Regs was on the scene already, as
was Rob, Kevin, Mary-Mary, JB, Sean, and Fearless Lou. After greeting the
tribe, changing into the appropriate gear, and nailing up, Jaime and I went out
to do some Mighty Heaving. We locked in immediately. I was amazed because I
felt no need to warm up, we just went at it. High helix backhand? Check!
Knife-edge and Big Hook forehands? Check! Laser guided flat flight? Check! My
favorite moment came when a kid of about 4 was mesmerized by the flights and
ignored his mother’s pleas to “come right now.” My next throw, I launched a
high arcing forehand which Jaime ran down, making a jumping behind the back
catch. Man, I LOVE this stuff.

When I saw the shadows hit The Manhole, it was time to start my Jam. At that
point TedShred, Fearless, and Kevin were going at it while Doug E. Fresh was
changing his clothes. This gave me the chance to grab my boy Robbie-Rob for
some action and as we were getting started The Oracle arrived. They both had
already given full reports on the amazing hospitality of the entire Freestyle
community who came our to Paganello, and the extraordinary skill level of the
Jammers. So BIG UPS to all y’all!!!! Rob and I caught some nice Flow, and
though he was not pleased because he felt as if his body was not his own, he
played very well and even gave me a sweet set so I hit my first A*T Gitis of
2008 in my first Jam. Yeah, Baby!!!! Fresh joined us shortly thereafter, and
The Oracle a few minutes later. The Flow was very nice, and we kept the disc
moving among us, guiding it to be sure, but making certain that we followed the
dictates of its flight.

Doug E. Split off to join Fearless and TedShred, then Rob took a break and Kevin
jumped in with me and Joey. While I happily call every Jam, the Jam of the Day
on our first day back, the final ‘everybody in the pool’ dusk Mob-Op where I
busted TO, Fearless, Joey, and Fresh, was my personal favorite. There we
moments of extraordinary play where each of us played the role of senior
alchemist. Lou nailed a Triple Fake with a thunk heard on Central Park West;
Fresh hit a gorgeous Gitis which was followed by TO’s signature double spinning
Osis; Joey…well that MoFo hit a combo that defied description but involved
some fabulous UD work and a jumping under the leg catch that he thought shoulda
been Gitis. Me? I hit a Teabag, turned Left got a nice brush set to a big air
under the leg catch, making me a happy boy indeed.

I was the Yella Designee and wore the Cowardly Coverlet with humility. The
unanimous vote of the Board called for Roger to be the Disignees next week,
though it seems he will be away, he’ll be Double Yella upon his return. The
choices for next week come down to The Ageless Trevor Brown and Bradford T. The
Board is gonna have fun bestowing this one!.

Peace Out , Yo!

P.S. Good Luck to all heading towards Virginia. I am with all y’all in Spirit
but daddy Duty calls.
P.P.S. The Big Man is going to the Left Coast 4/19-23. Hoping to get me a
Ventura Jam with Chipper Bro, DanCam, Z, and anyone else who can get away on

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