5/8/2008 – A*T Chronicles: 2 week compendium

Hello to all Wikiplasitcii,

My apologies for the length of this entry. I have been remiss in the updating
and left my attendance lists in my Jam bag, so I am flying by the seat of my
pants here. If I have left anyone of the Hard Corp of the Big Apple out, I
blame my three remaining neurons for misfiring

May 1st was a milestone A*T because we had our first Guest Jammer of the year.
Bruce Page, returned from a 10 year hiatus in Paris–now living in Washington
DC–graced us with his presence. His very casual style and damn near dainty
touch made the day excellent. His former partner Quinn-O, was out for the
festivities, as was Fearless, The Oracle, Fresh, The Reliable One, TO and the
Lovely Chrissy, Jaime TJH and Barb. The Jams of this day were all excellent
with Ted behaving shredfully, Fresh being totally solid, and The Oracle being
other worldly. I give Jam of the Day to Mob-op featuring Bruce, Quinn-O, TO,
Joey, and Fresh. This one didn’t last too long as I believe Bruce subbed out
for Roger, who maintained the high level, but I give a very slight edge to the
fresh blood. Fearless Lou indeed bore the Cowardly Coverlet with the
appropriate measures of shame and intensity, playing his fool behind off. The
variety of his seals now matches the
myriad substrates that he bends to his will in carving new nails. That said, I
am currently sporting two bone, one deer antler, and one moose antler. All of
them fancy plastics don’t absorb silicone, and thus can’t touch what Mother
Nature hath wrought. GO FEARLESS!

May 8th – For the second week in a row, we were blessed with the presence of not
one but TWO Guest Jammers when Toddy Brodeur made his way down from Bahston, and
Sir Arthur of Coddington came in to ShredNOW! Joining the fray were, Roger,
Joey, Fearless, Rob (the Yella designee) Fresh, (Emergency Daddy Duty and
return) Roger, Quinn-O, Sir Tedley and the Lady Chrissy, Liam Heaver, Ben
Heaver, Mary-Mary. The first jam of the day was Toddy and The Oracle, who broke
out the pink 40 mold HDX. The winds were minimal so the touch game was in full
effect. Joey has been feelin’ it of late, so the combination of fresh blood and
small disc made for quite the show. Personally, I got my Heave on first,
playing with Liam. He’s from New Zealand and has been in NYC for the past
couple of years and is already well entrenched as a Mighty heaver indeed. We
immediately fell in rhythm, which was cool because with the number of hot Jams
going on, I wanted to get my Flow
on early.

Too many combinations to remember, but I know I got a jam in with every single
person present. The toughest moment was for Mr. E. Fresh who as soon as he
arrived, got a call saying that his daughter Claire had a a run in with a swing
at the playground, so he had to bolt immediately upon getting changed. We
wished him well, and the Board granted immediate special dispensation from
Yella-gibility due to the call of (Daddy) Duty.

I recall a hot Jam with TO, Joey, Toddy, and myself which was notable for some
whirling Dhervish work from TB, and tremendous passing. When Arthur joined the
fray, I bowed out so the boys could get some Flow. Man oh man, was that
something to see. While each of them is capable of extended solo work, they all
managed to keep keep their combos tight, and did frequent very hein co-ops.
After knocking back two quick Marghies, I got me a Fearless jam and later we
were joined by Arthur, which was a real blast.

With dusk fast approaching, much to our surprise and amazement, we spotted Fresh
coming in from the North, with son BenJAMin in tow, returning from the Emergency
room. Claire was with Jill, being suitable attended to, and Benny-Ben needed to
get outta the space where his twin was being treated. Therefore Jam of the day
honors go to any of the Fresh combinations which followed. He was focused,
jazzed, and blazing hot, so all who got involved in his Jams were inspired to
higher levels of high risk/high reward flight.

My final Jam–and we were the last Jam standing–was with TedShred. I just
gotta tell all y’all, flyin’ solo with TO is a treat anyway, but time was
running short so I asked him if he wanted to join the final “Big Boy Jam” which
included The Oracle, Fresh, Roger, and Arthur. I wanted to play of course, but
didn’t want him to miss a chance to fashion a spectacular end of the day. His
response was to send me a vicious mega-Z mac stating simple: “let my throw be my
answer to that question.” I was deeply honored by his choice and managed to
take it to 11 on several occasions within this last Jam. Man, I LOVE THIS
STUFF!!!! Next week’s Yella Designee was left undecided, though the Ageless
Trevor Brown, and Bradford T. were notable in their absence.
hear Ye, Hear Ye…

Let it be known that in addition to Chipper Bro, an All-Star Thursday Guest
Jammer Initiative invitation has been extended and accepted by…

Pat Carrasco! Dates for both have yet to be set, but we are all amped up to
have him come to NYC. By Cosmic Coincidence, right after the Board decided to
ask him to come, I received an unsolicited e-mail from one Matt Hull, a Jammer
from Austin, TX who wanted to suggest that Pat was deserving of this honor
because of his uncanny skills. Better yet, let me quote:

“Now to the heart of the matter. I would like to recommend that the Hard Corps
invite Pat Carrasco from Baton Rouge to participate in the Guest Jammer Program.
Like Murf, Pat is a death jammer- first into the jam and last to leave. In
fact, his game and Murf’s are similar, and now that I think about it, they
actually look alike. I’ve personally witnessed Pat hit with regularity a double
spinning thigh brush to double spinning sole brush to double spinning gitosis.
that’s not even his signature move. His signature move is called Grown Man Cry
and it’s a double spinning triple leg down without touching the disc before the
final indigenous take. So imagine, left leg over the disc, spinning twice
clockwise, then jumping both legs over the disc (double leg over) and taking the
disc on the right hand. The move requires a steady breeze to keep the disc
aloft, but it’s the single hardest move I’ve ever seen.”

There have been two other invitations extended (including one for our European
brethren and sistren), but the official announcement must wait until they have
confirmed. That’s plenty for now.

Peace Out, Yo!


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