7/3/2008 – A*T Chronicles: Bayou to Bahston Edition

Greetings to all:

So there was all kinds of amazing action during the July 3rd gathering. We had one of the best A*T’s ever (Top 5, for sure) because of a big turnout; multiple Guest Jammers; and some old faces in new places who done came down. Arriving early was New England’s own Alan Caplin, who managed not to gloat over his Celtics and Red (Seamed) Stockings reign as Champs. Rob and Susan came out, as did JB our videographer, Sean, and Ralph Heaver, Barbara without Jaime-TJH,  Chris C., Doug E. Fresh, Roger, The Oracle, TedShred and the Lovely (in Yella) Chrissy, and Mighty Mike Heaver made a showing. There were also rare appearances made by Gerry “Circus” Linas, an original Central Park Frisbee player, Bill Doobs, Barak, Pat Rabdau, and of course, Pat Carrasco with the Lana.

Getting to the heart of the matter, the Jams were just amazing. There were many combinations of players, some of them just stunning. Rob already mentioned the Bald Man Jam as notable, but there was Rob, Pat and Ted Shred or Joey, Fresh, Roger which went to 11, or Pat, Joey, and Ted. Alan C. was smokin’ in every one of his Jams with serious Flow at every turn. Having Doobs in town was great for me personally as he was the very first Jammer to open the door for me and was the guinea pig when I learned to throw my UD Overhand a few years back. The there was Pat C…

People said he as a monster but nothing prepared me for his Thigh brush to Sole Brush to double spinning Gitosis seal after an already insane combination. The Oracle said it like this: “He is the best non-tournament player in the World” and I saw nothing to dispute that one. His energy, ambi-disc-terity,  creativity , and joyful noise approach to the game were just incredible. The  athleticism, grace, intensity, and control he brought to bear were an utterly unique combination. It was great to see how he adjusted to the conditions (which we don’t need) on our Green Beach without missing a beat.

My favorite jam was when I started with TedShred solo, and was joined by Roger, then Pat, and then Barak. This combination was relatively short lived, but my goodness it was unbelievable. There was so much energy combined with blinding friggin’ talent all around me that I just wanted to make sure my throws were on, and for heaven’s sake don’t drop the disc! I have no specific memories of moves nor all of the Jams, but I can say that JB did indeed shoot some video so the Board will see about getting highlights posted soon.

I should mention that Doug E. Fresh, the holder of The Gamboa (the award that is bestowed on select A*T’s based on the recommendation of a committee of 2 – 69 participants) brought it out to pass it forward. Barak–who was just crushing all day long–won it on a first time teardrop set, to brush str8 2 Gitis seal that he’s been imagining for years but never hit. This was the final move of the final dusk Jam and an exclamation point for an incredible day. The Lovely Chrissy was the Yella Designee and next week the Jaundiced Jersey will be on the back of Fearless Lou, who was whitewater rafting with his family in Idaho.  We really missed him…but not enough to not give ‘im some grief. That’s it for now.

Peace Out, Yo!


P.S. The Friday Jams with Pat C. were even more amazing than Thursday, if that is possible. My favorite moment did not involve Pat though. Rather it came while I was Jammin’ with Rob and Barak. The latter has been reminding me that I have never hit Gitis off the set in his presence by saying “Where is it????”  in the midst of my combinations. I went for it and missed on his first call.  A few minutes later, Rob hit a Hein combo, and Barak followed with a crazed leap of a Gitis seal. He sent me the disc with a sweet Helicopter throw and said again: “Where ees ehhht???”(phonetically speaking).

I did a high elevator down drop set, to an under the leg pull, brushed once, and then NAILED THAT *^%%$&%*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. I chose not to smash my finger into my leg this time.

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