8/14/2008 – A*T Chronicles: Synopsis and an invitation…

Hello to all,

This summer has flown by with life getting in the way of my reporting of the doings on our Green Beach. I was in California for consecutive A*T’s and came back last week to some international flavor. We had John Coxhead and Joe McCrave join us for a special All*Star Tuesday and Wednesday during their U.S. Tour. These young men are really good folks. They both have a passion, respect, and dedication for the game that is a true Blessing for all of us. The best part of their respective games is they both understand Flow and that sharing the disc means everyone can get loose during the Jam. They also did an interview with Rob and
The Roginator which detailed much of the early days of Freestyle and was a pleasure to witness as I didn’t know some of that stuff. I know it resides on their Blog, but I don’t know the link so I ask someone with that knowledge to please share. Oh yeah, on Tuesday, we had sun-shower roll through as we were playing. It rained pretty hard, but since it was pleasant, so we kept at it and were treated to a once in a lifetime sight. A DOUBLE RAINBOW with the inner one having both ends inside the Meadow!!!!!. It was beyond incredible and yes, I actually did run to check for the Pot ‘o Gold, just in case.

August 14th’s All*Star Thursday was yet another amazing example of the way the game has spread across the world. The weather was not promising when I arrived. In fact, as I parked my chariot on 69th Street (my lucky block) it began to pour with lightning and thunder to boot. I sat tight for about 20 minutes until it eased up and set off for the Bandshell since I was already Double Yella and was taking no chances. When I got there I found Rob, Richie Regs, and two gents I didn’t recognize. They turned out to be Guillermo from Italy, a newborn Jammer, and Alex from Moscow(??!!!) come in for the festivities. We were joined by Tedley, and the Lovely Chrissy, Barb-Heaver, Roger, Kevin, JB, a hobbled but extremely verbose Fearless Lou, and Joey.

The rain held out until the sun went down and the jams were plentiful and amazing. Guillermo has only been jamming for about two months and kept apologizing for errant throws or drops, but he stayed in there so he could get a taste and bring his hunger to learn. Alex was a different story. He essentially IS the Jam scene in Moscow, and let me tell you this kid is the Real Deal. A Lefty counter guy with great athleticism and disc-intuition beyond his years.

My personal favorite moment was during a Jam featuring TedShred, Roger, Richie, and I. The disc came to me from on high at a harsh angle so I had only one play–to go for a kick brush at the far reaches of my long legs and sized 14 feet. As I went for it I heard Joey’s voice in my in my head saying “wait”. I paused a beat and swung mightily but with just enough touch to send it about 15 feet in the air across to Alex who went up high for a Gitis off the pass. The following sequence saw the disc move around all four of us, but then it tried to go off on its own journey. Sir Tedley seized the moment by reigning in the errant disc with whacks, cuffs, and macs. During this flight on the wild side, he was closing in fast on a flock of tourists wandering aimlessly through and towards a real deep NYC style puddle with Alex as his wingman. As they headed into the crowd at full speed, TO sent the disc to Alex in an impossible situation–people milling about, water everywhere, and little room to manuever. So what does our young Padwan do? He danced lightly around the people and the water hazard, leaps into the air and comes down with his second consecutive Gitis seal. BRAVISSIMO!!!!!!

Jam of the Day Honors go to everyone of them because we collective proved once again that we don’t need no stinkin’ conditions. While I wore a yellow shirt and shorts–looking like a 6’5″ banana–the Yella Jersey was in the possession of Sir Rob of Fried who neglected to bring it in. He will be wearing today, and maybe through the season depending on the decision of Board. 😉

August 28th is going to be an All*Star Thursday to challenge the best of a great 2008 season. The A*T Guest Jammer Initiative welcomes Chipper-Bro Bell to the Big Apple! Not only that, we have 3 additional very special guests scheduled to join us–one from a state recently hit by Tropical Storm Fay, one from a mountainous region known for skiing and radical plastic, and one from California’s capitol. So The invitation goes out to all of our Plastic Peeps in the Northeast (and beyond) to come on down as we’re about to go to 11 (eleven) on this one. That’s plenty for now…

Peace Out, Yo!


P.S. My condolences to the family and friends of Tom Gleason. I had heard his
name many times over the years and always attached to people smiling at the
thought of him.

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