8/28/2008 – A*T Chronicles: Chipper (End of the) Summerfest

Hail and Well Met to all my Plastic Peeps,

When All*Star Thursdays began in 2004, it was just a chance for the crew to get together to play and have some laughs on a regular basis.*  It was so much fun that your intrepid reporter started blathering on about it to those in the JOTN list/serve. We had some
folks like the New Englanders and Gary Auerbach to join the fun and it was all good. Then Sir Schillz came in for a visit in May of 2006 for what became a legendary rain-soaked Jam and things really began to blossom. Last year saw the inaugural All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative where Bill Wright, Fabiosis, and Skippy Jammer all were flown in for the jaunt on out Green beach

* – Check out the original A*T Chronicle:

This year has been amazing up to this point with folks like Pat Carrasco, Arthur ShredNow Coddington, and Alex the Muscovite among the many who graced us with their presence. We even had a day where some of the progenitors of our sport showed up together
for the first time in over 30 years. All of this was be so incredibly wonderful that we thought nothing could top it until now.

TedShred and I actually kicked off with a Washington Square Jam on Wednesday. We had just broken a sweat when the original Bud Light Team came walking up. That’s right, The Oracle arrived with Chipper-Bro Bell and Crazy John in tow. The former was our official A*TGJI invitee while the latter showed up as a complete surprise. In fact, when Chipper got to Joey’s house, he asked for help with his bags. When Joey got to the back of the limo, the driver popped the trunk and Ouila! There was Crazy John. Those guys joined ted and I in the Jam and just a few minutes later Mark RegalBUTI comes strolling through. We all shredded and then went to the House of Oberhaus for Marghies and Chinese. And now for the main course.

Just read through the Roll Call and understand that I know I missed a couple of names:
Chipper-Bro Bell, Crazy John, Mark RegalBUTI, Larry Imperiale, Bill Wright, Paul Kenny and Cheryl, Toddy Brodeur, Alan Caplin, Krae Van Sickle, Kevin Holt, Bill Doobs, The Oracle, Quinn-O, Chris Kohn, Doug E. Fresh, Jill, BenJAMin and Claire, TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy, Mark Dana, Jestin Heaver, Ben Heaver, Jaime TJH and Barb, Ben Heaver, Ivan TJH (my son), Rob and Sue, Bradford T, the Ageless Trevor Brown, Fearless Lou, Roger, and Richie Regs. And here’s proof:

I arrived late (6:35pm) after a day long meeting in Far Rockaway, driving an hour and 15 minutes through traffic and twitching every second. The crowd was huge and happy. It took me about 10 minutes just to say hello and take attendance. The Jamming had
already gone way passed 11 on the scale and I can only share a few highlights.

Chipper Bro is already a Legend of the game for many reasons, not the least of which is the Loving Spirit he shares so openly with anyone in his presence. He Jammed from
2:30pm until the very last Jam of the day featuring Sir Tedley and me. I also
got a smoking Jam in with Alan Caplin and Larry  Laerbs Imperiale who made a bid to be the first out of town Gamboa winner when he hit three consecutive scarecrow brushes with each as sweet and flat as could be. There were too many combinations to write down them all , so please forgive me.

Jam of the Day honors go out to the combination of Krae, Chipper-Bro, Joey, Fresh, and TedShred, but the evolution of the combination was incredible. Early in the evening, Krae
and Bill Wright got into a Flow which no one dared to bust. It was simplicity wrapped in
complexity, and encased in amazing. Later on Joey, then Fresh, and finally Chipper Bro came in and it was a sight to behold. You had Krae, Joey, and Bill serving as
Flow-meisters, Fresh filling in every gap, and TO as the featured soloist who just crushed everything in or out of his range. This one truly may just be the best combination I have ever seen, particularly since there was no tournament attached to the event.

Per Quinn-O: After Ted hit a double spinning, beautifully timed barrel, I saw Krae put his hand to the side of his face and shake his head slightly. The Ultimate compliment. After being wowed by the plethora of heinous guest players, I say here’s to the home-grown NY jammers.

Per Doug E. Fresh: At some point during the Jam, Krae came up to me and pointed
to TedShred and said something like:  “that fellow Ted seems to be a driving force
in all of this”

The party afterwards at Chez Meier was just as Hein as the Jams too. This was surely the greatest gathering of talent that the Hard Corps of the Big Apple has ever hosted.

So when are YOU Comin’ Down????

Peace Out, Yo!


All*Thursday With Chipper

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