10/9/2008 – A*T Chronicles: Fall Summary Edition

A Strong What Up to All my Brethren and Sistren,

I’ve been quite for a while, mostly because I ran out of words after the
Legendary Chipper-Bro, Crazy John, Bill Wright, Buti, Larbs, PK, and EVERYBODY
Jam last month.

The past few A*T’s have been local affairs for the most part, with the Hard
Corps of the Big Apple coming out each week to do that Voodoo that we love so
well. There have been some hot combinations like when TedShred and Rob got
extended time, just the two of them, or Joey, Fresh, and Roger (who is stepping
up his game in a HUGE fashion lately) which had a no drop stretch that ranks
with the best of ’em.

As I walked in from the Northwest corner, I spotted Fresh jumping up
and sealing and very sweet Phlaud, and then throw to a vision in
orange e who immediately did a double-spinning barrel. Upon
closer examination, I recognized one Jonathan Willett, resplendent in an
tie-dyed Wright Life t-shirt who was in for his fall dosage of A*T merriment.
He is a frequent Guest Jammer and is a real blast to play with–more on that
later. We were also joined by Martina and Marco, two of our international
brethren who are visiting from Italy and had an added bonus of a rare appearance
by Bill Doobs. Our regular crew featured The Roginator, The Oracle, Fresh (with
Jill, BenJAMin, and Claire), Kevin, Ivan-TJH (aka My Son…and no he’s not
really my son), Ralph-Heaver, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Rob, Richie Regs, and
Mary-Mary. TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy were heading outta town so they were
absent. The latter has been holding on to the Yella Jersey for an extended
period, so the Board is working on the appropriate punitive measures to exact
for this transgression.

I started out with a nice Heaving session with Ivan-TJH and Ralphy Boy which was
excellent, as always. The winds were mild and the weather was beautiful with
temperatures around 73 degrees at jam time. I got loosened up and then stopped
when Mojito man Jay came through sine the Lovely Chrissy was not there bearing
our favorite Agave based nectar. Rob started the international Jam with Martina
and Marco, and was later joined by the Oracle, and then by Roger when Rob
rotated out. I got my first jam with Richie Regs and Bill Doobs, which was a
real treat becaue we’re all Counter guys. Later I got jam on with Willett and
Fresh when they got up again. We had some very nice Flow with Doug E. dealing
hot hands and J-Will hitting a variety of single and double spin moves. I was
able to hit a tea-bag combination and one heel kick combo that came up so sweet
that I almost missed the seal ’cause I was admiring my handiwork.

I couldn’t watch for long, but Robbie-Rob, Doobs, and Richie had a nice flow
going while my final Jam was with J-Will and Kevin. Our Boulder-ized Brother
hit the move of the day when he set up a vertical roll that started at the tip
of his foot, went up his leg, across his chest, all the way up his arm to a full
extension seal. OH, HOW HEIN!!!!

I will bestow Jam of the Day honors to all of the particiapnts as it was
essentially a perfect evening. Chrissy will be Yella for the foreseeable
future, and boy do we all miss Fearless Lou who is away doin’ his acting thing
up in MA somewhere. Until next week…

Peace Out, Yo!


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