4/16/2009 – A*T Chronicles: Feelin’ fine in the ’09

Hail and well met to all my Plastic Peeps!

The day that the Hard Corp of the Big Apple has been waiting for finally arrived.  While we punched the clock through the winter by the Bandshell, and got in some smokin’ Jams at the Chateau Oberhaus on NFL Championship Sunday,  there is no place like home.

Before getting to the doings of the day, let me first say congrats to everyone who played at Paganello.  To PK, Randy, Arthur, Fresh and all the rest of the Crustilicious Critterz who made their way to Italia: Thanks for REPRESENTIN’!!!  To the folks who played, shredded and hosted on their home turf: Thank YOU for carrying the torch and advancing the sport we love so well.  And to Flo Hess: We hope you heal fast as there is a certain 2008 A*TGJI invitation that remains outstanding that we’d love to see fulfilled.  Sooooooo…

The weather here has been pretty chilly throughout the Spring, but Sheep’s Meadow opened up right on time.  I got a parking spot on my lucky block (69th Street) and walked in through the Northwest entrance.  As the first to arrive, I made my way to the Manhole, touched homebase, and started to nail up and stretch out.  Robbie-Rob was the next to arrive followed by his consort Susan, who has been working on her Frisbee skills all winter long.  Ben-Heaver and Jaime-TJH came along moments later so I was able to get my Heave on before Jammin’, which is ‘zackly how I like it.  I hadn’t thrown a 175 since November, and my first forehand made the ligaments in my right middle finger scream.  Just once.  From them on it was the joy of flight!

There was a fine turnout for the inaugural All*Star Thursday of the Obama era.  The Roginator, Richie-Regs, The Oracle, Mary-Mary, Doug E. Fresh, Ivan-TJH (aka my ‘Son’) and Bradford T. were all out, not to mention TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy who came bearing her traditional blend of Meadow Marghies.  We even had a rare Eddie Bennett sighting along with Mighty Mike Heaver.  To top things off, we had Jan and Greg, two filmmakers from Germany who are doing a documentary on Frisbee come out to shoot some footage and grab an interview or two.  Does it get any better than this?  Damn right it does!

Roger and Rob got in the the first Jam of the day, though Mr. Meier had a nail problem so I subbed in for him.  It was during this soiree that Mr. Fried had the honor of hitting the very first Gitis of the A*T season, off of a most Hein combo-set of course.  Now I gotta say that while it was a beautiful blue sky day, there was a chill in the air right from the start and the wind was squirrelly.  But as you well know…say it with me now…stay on key…CONDITIONS?  WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN’ CONDITIONS!!!!

Next up for me was a chance to warm up Sir Tedley, but after a few throws, we were joined by The Oracle who had a look of mischief on his face right from the start.  Jan asked if he could shoot some footage, and we were off to the races.  There were nice flow right from the start with both Joey and TedShred hitting some nice stuff and me holding my own.  Jan went to shoot some other Jams and when he came back, this Jam went to 11.  I am pretty sure that the following was caught on video:  Teddy grabbed his left foot with his left hand and somehow did a crazy brush pass through the hoop with his right hand.  I saw it, just described it, and I STILL don’t understand how that happened.  Later, Joey did a guide under the leg to a brush with Ted tapped back to him for a Phlaud seal that didn’t make sense either.  For myself, I manage to do the Elevator Down to an under the leg pull which I set for Triple Fake seal.  I never did that before and I managed to nail it for the camera.  I was pleased to say the very least.

I stepped out to give The Oracle and Tedley some solo time, which they put to good use.  They had on co-op sequence that was not only indescribable, but was finished with Ted doing a quickfastinahurryandimpossible pass which Joey sealed with a gorgeous Gitis.  Not bad for a Half-Century man!  Not long after that, Greg the documentarian bailed on his Jam with Roger, Quinn, and Fresh to join TO and The Oracle.  They got hot and then Joey went to “see how they do it over there” joining the aforementioned amazing three.  That was the end of the day Jam which ended with a O’Malley Beer move starting with Roger’s set, to a  a Scarecrow brush by Joey, which Quinn-O then hooped, and Fresh sealed with a Gitis.  SWEEEEEEET!!!!  The Last Jammer standing was, as tradition would have it, TedShred of course.  We then retired to Malachy’s to share the ritual hops (or in my case Agave) based imbibment material.

We were so excited that we neglected to discuss the Yella Jersey, but I do know for certain that the Lovely Chrissy will be wearing it next week without fail.  She must atone for the sin of not having it on hand for the now legendary Chipper-Bro A*T Reunion Jam last fall.

That’s all for now…oh wait a minute.  There is one more item.  The Board will be extending the first invitation of the All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative for 2009 shortly.  We are hoping to get at least one (1) GJ’er per month from May through September.  We are doing our part…the question is…

When are YOU comin’ down????

Peace Out, Yo!


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