4/30/2009 – A*T Chronicles: First Guest Jammer Edition

Hey, Hey, Hey…Wha’cha Got to Say?

First, I Got to say I miss my main man FEARLESS LOU!!!!!!  Can’t wait for your return, Homeboy!

So last week when I got to the Meadow I saw Richie Regs Z’ing up all alone by the Manhole off in the distance.  I had to do a phone interview for my Remaking America blog on The Loop http://theloop21.com/blogs/remaking-america so I planted myself by the gate to do it.  Technology is wonderful, baby!  I saw Robbie Rob ride in, and looked over my shoulder to see Jaime-TJH and knew it would be a good day.

I knocked out the interview and made my way over to homebase, where I found Mr. Bob Boulware, our first official Guest Jammer of the season.  I had not seen him since my July 2008 trip to Seattle, so I was stoked.  Rob had a little sand in there, and was making some noise so I nailed up right quick, told Jaime to pull out the Heavin’ Plastic, and we got Mr. Fried to stretch it out a bit.  Bob join in and the four of us got into the dynamics of flight without manipulation for a while.  That’s where we all started so it was great to see Rob snapping off back-hand strikes at distance.  Shortly thereafter, Bob and Rob when to get a Jam while Jestin Heaver arrived and three of the original Mighty Heavers went at it for a nice stretch.

During this time the rest of the crew arrived, which included Quinn-O, Susan, TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy, Doug E. Fresh, The Oracle, Roger (The proprietor of Chez Meier), and Jay The Mojito Man.  If I left anyone out, please forgive me as I left my notes in my Jam bag.

The first thing I need to point out is that Fresh Blood is wonderful, and Bob was really ‘on’ right from the start.  Everybody has unique elements to their game and what I found most amazing was his quickfastinahurry reaction time when committing to a given move.  Brushes with hands and feet that seemed to appear out of another dimension, combined with a flow-filled and generous game made for a welcome addition to the Hard Corps of the Big Apple.  He made his was through every Jam so we all got a taste of his (North) Left Coast stylings.  At one point the Lovely Chrissy saw him make a particularly Hein combo, and said “OOOOH, Bob’s Big Boulware is very impressive!” which I am sure makes the ladies happy.  😉

TedShred, Bob and I had a nice run, while Roger, Fresh, and Joey–who wore the Yella Jersey for the first time in 2009–went at it pretty hard.  Later Bob rotated out and Quinn-O joined me and TO.  This was great because the three of us had a smokin’ Jam last week and we picked up right where we left off.  There was much Shredful behavior everywhere and the last Jam included a 7-man, everybody in the pool gathering that was lots of fun.  We did not get a full O’Malley, but we did get 5-6 touches before sealing several times.  This is not easy to do without any stinkin’ conditions I would point out.

At dusk, we retired to Malachy’s where we watched the Yanks, the Triple OT Celts loss to the Bulls, and talked trash well into the night.  During that time Bob was convinced to take home some of Fearless Lou’s Finest Bone Nails.  We all got a laugh when we said they we faster than plastic for delaying, and he deadpanned “Who needs to delay?”  Ya gotta love that!

He also shared some sage advice with me regarding the types of things that I can work on personally to help improve my game that really resonated.  He said that I should be more aware of my body positioning in relation to the disc and anticipate where it is going to be in the flow is a combination.  That may sound like common sense, but the manner in which he communicated it was a revelation.  Or maybe it just sound better due to the Patron, but I am going to put this to use.  🙂

Oh yeah…I would like remind folks that Mikey Reid and Gary Auerbach are coming in next week, and there is a rumor that J-Will might be comin’ down too.  So where Bahston at?  Yer Sawx have been spankin’ the Yankers, but we still wanna see you here.  Also, G()d Willing, John “Z” Weyand will be coming in early June.  And finally–drum roll please…

The first All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative invitation has been extended to Dan Yarnell for the June 11th A*T.

It is a real honor for the Hard Corps of the Big Apple to have this talented Jammer, master craftsman of nails, and overall good guy make his first trip to NYC to hang with us.

That’s all for now…

Peace Out, Yo!


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