5/14/2009 – A*T Chronicles: The Throw it to Mikey, He Takes Everything Edition


The idea of Mikey Reid making to Jam with the Hard Corps of the Big Apple has been a pipedream ’round these parts for years.  The guy runs a farm by himself for Heaven’s sake–he can’t get away everyone said.  Well, don’t tell Mikey that something is impossible ‘cuz he’ll just do it to prove you wrong.

When I got to the Meadow, it was a little overcast having rained in the morning and there was nary a soul out there.  I just triangulated my way to the Manhole and got prepped.  Mojito Man Jay was the first one to come by and say hello.  I told him that we had a Guest Jammer comin’ in and he got psyched up for us.  Roger and Quinn-O rolled in next, followed by Sir Robert’s Consort Susan.  Once we got nailed up, the three of us got started doin’ that thang, while Susan fretted over the fate of Rob and Mikey who had left before her on bicycles.  Next to arrive was Bill Doobs, then Fresh, JB (who still ain’t got film in that camera), Tedley and the Lovely Chrissy, with Kevin making it out just after them, and last but not least came The Oracle bearing The Gamboa for the first time in 2009.

Mikey Reid finally arrived with Rob, walkin in from the East.  Rob said “I thought it was gonna be Bandshell” because of the morning drizzle.  We all knew better–he just wanted him some solo Mikey on the Hard Concrete.  The good thing was they we both warmed up and things got started in earnest.  There were many notable combinations of Jammers happening.  Roger Mikey and Fresh got going while I warmed up with TO, was joined by Kevin, and then Quinn-O.  We had some nice Flow, and then I went to grab a Margharita and get a good look at Mr. Reid in action.  DAAAAAYUM!

How about doing a foot roll up the leg, to an arm roll brush set , straight to Gitis?  Not enough?  Then there was Fresh’s Scarecrow Brush which Mikey sealed with a–say it with me–Gitis.  The grand finale of this Jam came with a UD O’Malley with Mikey in the middle doin’ a backroll brush pass which Roger sealed with a very Hein Gitis that was so forceful that the rim broke.  Too much fun.  Mr. Reid is totally ambi-disc-erous and has great energy to go with a boatload of moves, so he is a joy to play with.

Personally I got me some Quinn-O and Bill Doobs then I hopped in with Roger and Joey.  Roger bailed after a few minutes to join Quinn and Doobs, I think, while I stayed and got The Oracle properly warmed up. It as during the TO, Fresh, and Mikey Jam that our visiting man of the soil went nuts hitting a multiple tap combo and sealing it with a wild Flying Roots.  Kevin said “Man!  I’ve only seen that on Youtube!”  Really amazing stuff.

I think the Jam of the Day honors might have to go to the combination of Fresh Sir Tedley, The Oracle, Roger, and Mikey.  There was plenty of Flow, and each time someone nailed one for the highlight reel, the next guy would say “Oh Yeah?  Try THIS one on for size!”

Naturally the last Jammer standing was TedShred who nailed a double spinning Gitis to finish the night’s activities.  He was making his bid for a certain Fickle Finger of Frisbee Fate named after a departed Brother (Miss you Diego!).  But he too fell short.  For the first time, The Gamboa was given to a Guest Jammer–Mikey Reid.  His performance on this day was not to be denied.  BRAVISSIMO!!!!

A couple of notes.  Erwin Velasquez (a new Dad and a Granpa at the same time!!!) made it out on Friday, along with Ann Zemitis so we had an A*Friday as well, though I was on Daddy Duty for that one.  Monday, TedShred and I answered to bell for the Return of Fearless Lou and we gave him ‘zackly what he’d been lacking for the past 6 weeks.  Welcome Home, My Brother.

Dat’s It!

Peace Out, Yo!


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