5/21/2009 – A*T Chronicles: May 20th


So Mom sez to me “Pauly (Yes, that’s what she calls me, and no YOU don’t have permission to use that appellation) I need a ride to the airport.”  Okay Mom, when?  “Thursday at 5pm.”  GULP!!!!

Of course I did the right thing.  This is my Mom, the ‘Worrying Warrior’, and the most incredible person that I know.  I dropped her at about 4:40pm and drove into the city, encountering the normal amount of traffic, and lucking into a parking spot on 69th Street at about 5:10pm.  Sweet!

The weather was grand as I walked in from the NW corner and saw Rob (who bore The Gamboa on behalf of Mikey Reid) Jammin’ with someone unfamiliar…is that a woman?  Indeed it was!  Ann Zemitis made her All*Star Thursday debut last week, as did Chris Ryan, an amazing player of the crustilicious generation.  We also saw the return of Fearless Lou, and Nils from Hamburg Germany who found the manhole by following the homing instict bred into all Jammers.  The crew was rounded out by Richie Regs, Quinn-O, The Oracle, The Ageless Trevor Brown, TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy, Doug E. Fresh, Sue, and a rare appearence put in by Eddie Bennett.  There was also a nice contingent of Heavers including  Jaime TJH, Jim Heaver, Jestin Heaver, Ivan TJH,and Ralph Heaver.  Oh, and of course, we had Mojito Jay come by as well.

It was nice to meet Ann finally, and Chris came in as I was nailing up.  Very tempting, the the presence of my Heaving Brethren caused me to start my day in the finest of ways.  Jaime, Ralph, and I got it going at distance right quickly.  Ralph snapping off a many a sweet forehand while Jaime threw me a blind backhand strike at about 60 yards as well as some beautiful high arcing tosses that hooked in for strikes as well.

When I broke for a Marghie before entering the Jam Zone, I saw TO Jammin with Quinn-O and Fearless.  A fine combination indeed.  I believe it was during this Jam that Lou hit a Tea bag-to brush-to a lookaway Vacation!  Apparently the theatre did not impinge on his practive time.  Then there was Chris and Ann Z. doing their thing.  Very smooth and mostly casual. The Oracle jumped in with them to add some spice and get a taste of the new blood as well.  They did some very nice work and then when Ann chilled for a few, Chris and Joey did some very Hein Speed Flow, going droppless for about three minutes.

My next Jam was a 2-man with Fresh which was really good.  Fresh is a Jammer with a unique flow-filled style and an incredible ability to up the ante in any Jam, as evidenced by his being awarded The Gamboa more than than anyone else.  We got some great flow–egged on by the Mojito and Marghies, not doubt–and this was the best I have played with him in a very long time.  After a short break, we snatched up TedShred and the three of us went off.  Lots of Hein behavior in this one and it wound up morphing into the Dusk is approaching/Go For It/Beer Jam when Joey, Quinn, and my Boy Fearless joined in.  The funniest move of this Jam was when Fresh hiked up his shorts as high as a Grandpa in Florida and nailed a Drunken Gitis to the delight of the gang.  Of course, the rest of us followed suit by hiking our shorts and going for big seals.  It was a little rough on The Package, but I did manage to hit something valid.

All in all it was an excellent day.  When all was said and done, The Gamboa sub-committee (a group composed of 2 – 69 people) designated Ted/Shred as this week’s winner.  Week in, week out, TO is always amazing, but this was the first time he has had it since it’s inaugural awarding when PK bestowed upon the group in 2007.

Roger was absent due to the fact that he was hosting a gathering on behalf of Bradford T. and his organization.  While this was for a good cause, Brad was unanimously voted the Yella Jersey for scheduling his event on a Thursday.  What was he thinking?

Peace Out, Yo!


P.S. June starts with Z on June 4th, G()d Willing and then the first A*TGJI invitee Dan Yarnell on June 11th!!!

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