5/27/2009 – A*Thursday Baby

(Editted from a three week posting titled “Three Times is the Charm Edition”)

Hey…How ya’ doin’…What’s happenin’ Baby?

Okay, it has been three weeks since my last entry but believe me, All*Star Thursdays have been quite exciting in the interim.

May 27th we had a Mythical Misty Meadow Jam where we had the extraordinary experience of literally playing in a cloud.  It never quite rained, nor did it really stop.  Given that we don’t need no stinkin’ conditions, we just went at it.  Rob and Sue, Fearless Lou, Jaime-TJH, Ben Heaver, Roger, Fresh, Quinn-O, Mojito Man Jay, Mary-Mary, tedShred and the Lovely Chrissy were all out.

I started my day with a Heave featuring Ben and Jaime, followed by a bunch of smoking mix ‘n match Jams.  There was Joey, Fresh Roger, and TO in a flow filled extravaganza of disc wizardry with a bunch of co-ops.  Ted broke for water and jumped in with me, Quinn, and Fresh which morphed into an early everybody in the pool 7-man Jam.  That was fun, but there was too much sunlight for that to last and we went back to two 3-ways.  Somewhere in there TO and Joey team-up for a no drop co-op sequence that was just zany.

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