6/4/2009 – A*Thursday SayZ Hello to John

(Edited from a three week posting titled “Three Times is the Charm Edition”)

June 4th was a momentous day for the Hard Corps of the Big Apple because my main man John “Z” Weyand came in from the Left Coast with his lovely wife Susan to join us.  There was a significant turnout that included Richie Regs, Fearless Lou, Kevin, Bradford T., the Ageless Trevor Brown, Jaime TJH, Ben Heaver, Jestin Heaver, Henry Hucker, TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy, Quinn-O, Fresh, and even Mark The Estivator showed up.

Z earned the designation of Legend in the world of Freestyle long ago but that is only a small part of the story for me personally.  He was the only cat who deigned to Jam with me in my first LA trip back in ‘86 when I was a stranger with a High-Rigidity in the land of SkyStylers.  Not only that, he arranged for me to get a straight from LAX All*Star Thursday Jam back in 2006, and was my Wingman/Homie for my LA, San Diego, and Ventura Jams in 2008.

Z seemed to be in every Jam that day but there were two that stood out.  The combination of Z, Fresh, Quinn-O, and The Oracle was blazing hot.  The flow was smooth as silk.  Z snapped off a couple of “Dream Shots” (a UD thumb throw with MEGA Z’s and an insane flight path) and hit some incredible combinations.  After one of the most Hein combos of the day, he was a victim of Rule #2 (Good Catch/Bad Throw), proving that he is indeed human.  The other gathering of note was the Everybody in the Pool 8-man Monster Jam that featured Quinn-O, Z, Joey, Fresh, Brad, TedShred, Fearless, and yours truly.  This one went to 11 (Eleven) with the high point being an 8-man O’Malley that TO sealed with a Gitis.  OOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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