6/11/2009 – A*T Guest Jammer Initiative presents Dan Yarnell

(Edited from a three week posting titled “Three Times is the Charm Edition”)

June 11th brought us our first All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative designee, Mr. Dan Yarnell.  The weather was overcast and drizzly so the Meadow was closed, and rightfully so.  I wandered across the path at the North end and saw tents, trucks, and a bunch of stuff set up in the Bandshell for the annual corporate challenge road race.  Not to worry—we still had the Nook and the Cranny byt the 72nd Street Transverse.  Fearless Lou and Barak were already in position and Dan (who is definitely THE MAN!) arrived a few minutes later.  Rob ‘n Sue, Joey, Quinn-O, Roger, Fresh, TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy and JB rounded out the field.

Me Lou, Barak, Dan and I christened the Nook, as the Cranny already had vehicles parked there and it was a good way to start.  Barak was his usually spectacularly athletic self, Lou was Fearless though in some pain and had to dial it back, and Dan was obviously a very gifted player.  He had it all going right from the start, but it was his passing game that was most impressive.  Time after time he hit back-roll passes, Scarecrow brush passes, and Sole Brush passes with uncanny accuracy.

Around this time things got a little bit weird.  The Corporate run was morphing from a large event into a gigantic pain in the a**.  Several ambulances rolled right into the Nook, taking up residence in our space.  JB said “Let’s check the Rumsey Playfield behind the Bandshell.  It has artificial turf and should be empty.”  Not wanting to waste any time, I ran up the curved stairs around the Bandshell and the coast was clear.  Not only that, there was an enclosed bar to keep us dry and open restrooms on site.  What’s not to like?

We all moved up to our third location of the day and got to the task at hand.  Rob, Fresh and Barak took the far end; Me and the Roginator were at mid-field; and Ted, Joey, Quinn, and Dan were closest to the Marghies.  Coincidence?  I say no!  Lou took up a proper heckling position next to the Lovely Chrissy and we all went for it.  There were a many notable moments like Dan doing a Gitis pull, to an Oliver pull, to a back roll, to a leaping under the leg seal.  Later TO hit a sweet leg roll pass to Dan which he sealed with a Scarecrow.  Mind you the weather was misty and at times you could see the steam rising off of the Jammers—but of course, we don’t need no stinkin’ conditions!

Then there was this one, which still makes no sense to me and I started it off.  I threw TO a Counter UD overhand which he slap/bashed to Dan; Dan did a “Ring of Saturn” UD pass back to Ted; Ted kept it UD, zinging it back to Dan who turned it over and brushed it to Ted; TO parlayed that into a  roll pass to Dan, which Dan front roll-passed right back to Ted who converted that into Gitis.  If you are confused by the sequence, you are not alone.  And I wrote it down!

The last Jam of the Day was an extended 6-man with Dan The Man, Fresh, Quinn-O, TO, Joey, and me.  There was a whole mess of flow and too many crazy combos to remember, but I do know it was all friggin’ great.

The jam ended with the dusk and we all retired to Chez Meier for the official A*TGJI after party.  There was also an A*F down at Washington Square which was quite Hein, but I have (thankfully) done run outta words.

Peace Out , Yo!


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