8/6/2009 – A*T Chronicles: The I Have Been Remiss in My Duties Edition

Hello to All,
Things have been a bit zany in the life of Paul Mondesire so Tall Paul, the Jammin’ Heaver has not be able to engage in the writing of the latest adventures in NYC.  I don’t have all of my notes from the past few weeks so I will start with yesterday’s classic and fill in earlier events later.
Things started out brilliantly with beautiful weather as I mosied in from the Northwest corner.  There was an amazing array of our long tossing brethren out.  Mighty Mike-Heaver came out for the first time this season, along with Ralphy-Boy, Jestin, Jaime-TJH, Big Ben, and Dave (formerly of NYNY Ultimate).  We had three (3) discs going in a circle so you had to keep you eyes open at all times.  The variety of flights over distance was just fabulous and let the record show that NO ONE has a stronger backhand heave than my man Mike.  There are a bunch of great arms out there but he is Numero Uno in my experience.  (Hey Getty – You ain’t chopped liver)
We might have had perfect attendence in terms of jammers with Rob (aRF) and Sue; TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy; Quinn-O and his family making their A*T debut; Roger and Trish (toting Calivin da’ pooch); The Oracle, Fresh (looking splendiferous in Yella); Bradford T.; Richie Regs; Fearless Lou; the Ageless Trevor Brown; Mary-Mary; Mojito Man Jay; and Guillermo and Sara in from Italy serving as our Guest Jammers from across the pond.
My first jam was a solo with Robbie-Rob and it was SMOKIN’!!!!   We had a nice rhythm right from the start and I even hit a Gitis during a little speed/flow section.  Rob in turn was on fire, hitting several Gitises, including one where it looked like his hand made like a snake curling around his leg to snatch the disc out of the air in a nick of time.  The Fresh jumped in with us to start his day and that Jam was excellent as well.
After breaking to give them room, I hopped in with TedShred, Fearless, and The Oracle and we started with two O’Malley’s and one O’Malachy (twice around the circle with now delaying).  Guillermo and Sara jumped into this Jam at some point which was great.
Jam of the Day honors went to the Fresh, Joey, Rob, Roger combination which I slipped into for a abit.  The flow was amazing and the degree of difficulty very high.  There was a sequence where the Onus was passed around the cirlce and everyone nailed their catches for about 4 minutes.
There’s more but I am on the clock  Gotta run.
More to come!!!!
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