8/20/2009 – The All*Schillz Thursday Chronicles and then some…

Hey, Hey, Hey…Wha ‘cha got to say?

First, let me send all the love and respect possible to the folks in Berlin for the Worlds.  The way that our Euro-Brethren/Sistren have picked up the torch, revitalizing our beloved sport/passion has been a true G()dsend for all of us.  While NYC is not represented in person, the Spirit of the Hard Corp of the Big Apple reaches across the ocean to touch each and every one of you over there.  BIG UPS to all y’all!!!

So the All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative Awardee for August 2009 was an incredible 3 for 1 deal.  We we honored by the presense of Dave, Amy, and Master Brady Schiller last week and it was nothing short of SPECTACULAR.  The weather had been a bit squirrely with misty rain and high humidity, so as I crested the hill approaching our Green Beach is espied something unusual.  There were Richie Regs, Gary A., Guillermo and Sara all Jamming, and our own Mr. President (Barack) sitting  under the eaves of the lone tree at the Northwest corner of the Meadow.  What’s this?  Richie said “Well it’s been raining so we sat over here to stay dry.”  As I started to settle in I wondered who would be the first one to complain about the break with tradition and no sooner had the words crossed my lips, Jaime-TJH and Ben Heaver strode in saying “Hey, there’s no manhole over there–what are you doing????”  That was enough chasitising for me and I grabbed by stuff and followed my homing instincts to our special place.

So who al was out for this special day?  Man, it was everbody and then some.  Fearless Lou, Doug E, Fresh, The Oracle, Robbie-Rob and Sue, TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy, Bradford T. Fast Eddie Bennett, Quinn-O, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Roger the Proprietor of Chez Meier, Capt. Mike Bohn, our resident sailor man, plus Jimmy Dodleson (sic?) and his daughter Anna Maria in for Cali.  Even Bill Doobs came in though he was too late to Jam.  Plus a contingent of Heavers led by Ultimate Hall of Famer Dan Weiss and his boy Dave came to fill the sky with plastic.

I got my day started with some Mighty Heaving with Ben and Jaime, but I had to break it off with the arrival of our special guests who wandered in from the Northwest corner.  After the appropriate greetings and smiles were exchanged, it was time to Jam.  I counted six (6) World Champion Jammer on the field and the only competition was to see who would Shred the hardest and have the most fun.  What’s not to like about that?

Look one direction and there was Barack, TedShred, Guillermo, and Sir Schillz.  Turn to the South and you saw  Robbie-Rob, Amy, and Sara.  To the East was Richie, Gary, Roger and Quinn-O.  And that was just the beginning.  There were som many people and combinations of Jammers interconnecting that my brain just fell clean outta my head trying to keep up.  I can tell you that Rob paired up with Roger, then Schillz, then Gary separately and each of those individual Jams was filled with highlight reel material.  There was the Joey, Lou, Schillz 100 mold Jam that got pretty dang hot, and later TedShred swapped in an A*T Styler and they went to Eleven (11)!!!  And now a few words about our featured guests….

Dave and Amy are better people (and parents) that they are Jammers, and that is saying something.  One the Freestyle front, Amy has such skills, grace, and flow as well as great throws, that it is a real joy to play with her.  As for The Sheriff, well that guy is really something to behold.  After beating down a severe case of sciatica from the previous week, he came out and just crushed!  He plays with fire and desire that is virtually unmatched and hit otherworldy combinations with the most Heinous of seals.  I had the pleasure of getting a Jam with him, TO, and Barack where they all kept upping the ante.  When Schillz hit an incredible big air flying Gitis leaving, Barack answered with his own gravity defying Gitis that was even more intense.  TedShred then did some insane combo and sealed with his own standing Gitis.  This inspired me to zing the disc in the air…the set is perfect…I leap into the air…and the disc hits my dang calf (STUPID LEG!) and I hear my boy Fearless say “Look –it’s SPRAWL PAUL”.  Nice to have friend, right?

I know I was in the last Jam which included TO, Schillz, Fresh, Joey, and Lou which was very cool.  Sir Schillz left it all on the field, literally.  As I walked over to chat with Amy I mentioned that we also had some great Heavers out with us, she looked over my should at her beloved and said “Hmmm, looks like Dave is a Heaver too…just in a different way.”  Only a good wife good nail her spouse like that.

The party at Chez Meier was great, as was the Saturday Pool Party at the Chateau Oberhaus.  That story will have to wait until later as I got’s to go now.

Peace Out, Yo!!!


P.S.  Hey all you Crustilicious Old School Jammers in Berlin–Show them young Whippersnappers how its done and don’t hurt them old bones.  And all my Euro-Brethren n’ Sistren–Wear them old coots out!!!!

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