8/27/2009 – A*T Chronicles: August 27th Edition

What’s Goin’ On?
As Michael Jackson’s Birthday and Senator Ted Kennedy’s passing are commemorated here in a rainy NYC, I have thoughts of plastic filling my mind.  The weather was perfect as I arrived to a virtually empty Green Beach scene this past Thursday, seeing the Ageless Trevor Brown strolling in from the South.  Jaime-TJH (who was blazing all day, firing rocket shots and sealing his catches with flair) and Ben Heaver came in shortly thereafter and then–What’s this?–TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy moseying in for an early shift adventure?  It’s gonna be a good day!  No being one to miss an opportunity to start the day off right, I donned the Yella Jersey* and asked Mr. Oberhaus if he was ready to Jam and he said “of course” so off we went.
* – I was the bearer the week before and left it at home…ARRRRGGGGHHHH!
Getting in the first Jam of the day with Teddy Ballgame is always a blast and Richie Regs hopped in to join us as soon as he got there.  We had nice Flow right away and I managed to hit a Gitis off of TO’s set to finish an O’Malley.  Oh Yeah, I was psyched!!!  As we played, more and more folks showed up.  There was Fearless Lou (who broke himself last weekend going for Gitis), Robbie-Rob ‘n Susan, Doug E. Fresh, Roger n’ Trish (with Calvin da’ Pooch), Bradford T., Jestin Heaver, Ralphy-Boy Heaver, Fast Eddie Bennett, Quinn-O, Jimmy D. and family (still in NYC), Chris Cohn (and family), plus a rare appearance of Scott Halpern–a Counter playin’ stalwart from bygone days who is focused on Ultimate now.  Rarer still, Danzo of the insane Clock Z throw was in NYC for a visit.  He was last around these parts in 2004 and was a part of the inaugural A*T season so it was good to see him back.
As always there was much mixing and matching of Jammers, and it seemed every Jam was hot.  After my first Jam ended with a nice co-op flourish, I hopped in with Jimmy and Scott.  Both gentlemen were playing as if the years had fallen away.  Scott kept saying “Jim, you have that Washington Square Wizards stylee down!” as Jimbo hit move after Hein move, including one Flying Phlaud that was awesome to see given his 6’5″ frame.  Scott was not ‘zackly chopped liver himself–though he does like a nice chopped liver on the Sabbath–hitting several double spinning seals after hot combos.  My next stop was fortuitous…
The TO/Joey/Fresh/Roger Jam that had been smoldering for a while paused for a drink break and Joey said “I wanna keep playin'” which prompted me to say “You got plastic?” and off we went, only to be joined by TedShred (this guy NEVER stops) and then Fresh who announced “The Gamboa is in play!” after one particularly hot move of his.  This one went WHITE HOT quickfastinahurry.  There were multiple O’Malley’s, one of which was sealed by Joey with a gorgeous Gitis, which Ted followed with a Gitis, and I was inspired to set one high in the air, time it just so…only to crash and burn yet again as the phreakin’ Phrisbee bounced off of the same part of my calf as last week.  And wouldn’t you know that my boy Fearless was in full Heckle mode saying “Look it’s Sprawl Paul again!”  Nice…
Well, I pick myself up, brushed myself off, and snapped off a Z-filled backhand to get it started again.  Somewhere around then Jolly Roger busted in and things went to 11 and it became Jam of the Day.  Roger was not only his normal reliable self, but when TedShred went on one of his magical journeys, Roger answered with a stretch of fine play that was beyond compare on this day.  Double spinning Triple-Fake?  Check!  Double spinning Phlaud? Check!  Now about that Gitosis…DOUBLE CHECK, BABY!!!!
Dusk settles in at about 7:45pm these days, so we wrapped it all up with big smiles.  Roger earned The Gamboa for his fine play, though I did get one vote from Danzo who was watching all of the Jams.  He thought that my play was worthy of consideration and that was the first time I’d ever heard that from anyone so I was truly honored.
Next week we start September A*T Jams.  The days are getting shorter, but that just means the Jams are more concentrated.  No High Fructose Corn Syrup ’round here!
Peace Out, Yo!
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