12/24/2009 – A*T Chronicles – A Christmas Eve All*Star Thursday…

‘Twas the day before Christmas
and all through the land,
came a call from TedShred
for a Christmas Eve Jam.

The cold and the snow
could not deter
our intrepid band,
we were NOT dressed in fur.

Instead we came out
all decked out for sweat,
in shorts over fleece pants.
The Jam was all set.

When Tall Paul arrived
there was a disc in the air,
spinning so mightily
in the winter sun’s glare.

There was Rob and TedShred,
The Oracle and Young Dan,
All going for Gitis.
It’s Time to JAM!

Tall Paul hit a Tea Bag pass
high into the sky,
tracked down by Young Daniel,
as easy as pie.

The Oracle was so hot
he played with such style,
he even pulled moves from
his famous Joey File.

Sir Robert, a tad rusty
from his lack of play.
He still nailed his Gitis
and then called it a day.

The sun was setting
when TedShred called out “Onus”.
Young Daniel crushed a Gitis.
Truly a bonus!!!

When we all hit
our our final seals,
‘Twas time for Margaritas…
You Know the Deal!

So now we are headed
for Two Thousand and Ten.
Are YOU coming to All*Star Thursday?
We want to know, WHEN????


TP-TJH and the Hard Corps of the Big Apple

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