3/18/2010 – A*T Chronicles: Spring Training 2010 Edition

Hail and Well Met to My Plastic Peeps,

The winter in New York City was brutal.  We had the most snow in history followed by a monsoon that dropped four (4) inches of rain with gale force winds last Saturday.  We may not need no stinkin’ conditions, be even the Hard Corp of the Big Apple didn’t Jam that day.  The crew waited until the wind died down and Jammed Sunday.  But that is not why the Jammin’ Heaver is breaking his winter silence.

March 18th began Spring Training for the 2010 All*Star Thursday s Season.   The day was beautiful as I approached the (Naumberg) Bandshell where Robbie-Rob and Emmanuele Digitronik Faustini aka Zanardi already had ‘slammed the child on the hard concrete’* during the first Jam of the day.  To start the A*T season with a built in Guest Jammer and to have incredible weather was truly a gift.  I got nailed up and got loose with a smooth Jam with my two compatriots.  Rob was a Phlaud machine, ringing up $10 in “One Dollah!” increments while Zanardi was really amazing.  He’s completely ambiDISCerous with his throws, has moves for days, and he plays the NYC passing game as if he was a Native Noo Yawkuh.    The three of us had done the Jam ‘til Death thang on Tuesday, so this was nice and comfortable as we awaiting reinforcements.  And did the troops ever arrive?  Are you kidding?

Fearless Lou stepped up to the plate gingerly for a 4-Man Mannequin Jam on his post-surgical knee.  Then TedShred strolled in followed by The Oracle, the always reliable Roginator, Kevin, along with Bradford T. in civvies.  Sue (Rob’s Consort), JB, and the Lovely Chrissy toting our favorite lime and Agave infused beverage were also in attendance.  The Jamming was fast and furious with everyone mixing and matching as the mood suited.  Actually, I think I was the one who mixed things up the most.  There were so many variations to choose from I just followed the Flow wherever it would go.

There was Zanardi and Roger getting a dose of TedShred while Rob and I played a twosome.  The Oracle then said “I’m comin’ down” and the three of us had a go of it.  This may well have been my favorite Jam of the afternoon because it was an odd dynamic.  It took us a little while to warm up…the disc seemed untamable, not willing to follow our commands.  Then, suddenly it began to click and the Magic started happening.  There was a nice O’Malley leading to a dropless sequence that went on for long enough to be noticed.  Then we got really hot.  Rob was going crazy, utilizing his echo-location derived skills to complete inspired combinations with Walrus sized seals.  The Oracle provided miracles as only he can– incredibly subtle combos followed by spot on throws with both hand from every release point.  I even got into the act hitting a Teabag set over my head, to a high foot brush that I then chased down, to three consecutive brushes, into a full contact chest roll while heading between the benches.  I even heard a smattering of applause from the onlookers.  Life is GOOD!

There were many other combinations.  I got Roger and TedShred then me and Sir Tedley went at it as a twosome for a while.  The Last Jam featured Me, Ted, Zanardi, Kevin, and the Roginator.  Pretty sure that Zanardi, Roger and Ted Gitised out as the light waned while Kevin and I kept at it until it was time to head to Chez Meier for some post Jam pizza and ambrosia.  2010 promises to be quite special in NYC.  The Hard Corps of the Big Apple has one question for you.  Yes, YOU!  When are You Comin’ Down???

Peace Out, Yo!


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