4/1/2010 – A*T Chronicles: Preseason Edition

Yo, Yo, Yo!

The weather was cold, rainy, and miserable as I trudged towards the soggy Meadow.  Just Kidding–check the date!

We finally got a break when Wednesday’s cloud cover gave way to crystal clear blue skies and bright sunshine for our appointed day.  Word was out that Sir Jonathan of Willett was in town, so we had a Guest Jammer in the hole to start out.  I got there just before 4pm and our Columbia contingent (meaning  James and Daniel) were already Jammin’, while Robbie-Rob was taking in the sunshine with his consort Sue.  Shortly thereafter my boy Fearless arrived.  As I began the nailing process, up strolls Bill Doobs, now a Woodstocker, along with his progeny and his betrothed Linda.  We are gonna have a good day, I thought to myself.

The energy and hunger of James and Daniel is great for the Hard Corps of the Big Apple.  They were prepping for the finals of a Columbia Talent Show, so they wanted folks to play quickfastandinahurry and Rob obliged.  As this contingent started to warm up the space, we were joined by the Roginator, Kevin,  the aforementioned J-Will, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Quinn-O, Chuck Kuske (our Cinematographer) JB,  Bradford T., The Oracle, Mary-Mary, and even Jay the Mojito Man.

There were many Jam combinations, the ebbed and FLOWED over the course of the day.  I got Bill Doobs for my first Jam, and James hopped in, getting all fired up.  Bill has incredibly fast hands and makes plays that seem impossible at the outset, yet suddenly there’s that spinning Bad Attitude seal after the disc has gone under/around/through arms n’ legs moving in a blur.  Inspired by this, James was nailing his own newly acquired Bad Attitudes and Scarecrows with abandon.  He even added a nice spinning Gitis to punctuate one sweet O’Malley sequence.  I should note that it was during this Jam that Sir Tedley and the Lovely Chrissy arrived wear Bunny ears in honor of the holiday.  She was even carrying a basket of bright colored Easter Eggs.  I thought this was cute.  Said eggs became infinitely more appealing when she indicated they were filled with Tequila infused lime Jello shots.  Oh BABY! 😀

There were so many nice Jams, that it was hard to track all of them as I was playing.  Rob, Joey, Roger, and Willett went after it pretty hard.  Then Daniel joined in with me, Bill, and James for a while.  After taking a brief water break, I joined in with TedShred and Kevin.  The former was incredible—as always—and Kevin was having a nice Flow day.  He was particularly mindful of not having to use his entire arsenal in each combo, and making sure to seal.  Bravo!  Kevin took a break and J-Will slipped in.  His game is based on subtlety to a greater extent than most.  He makes things look so easy, that it will take a moment for you to realize the amazing sequence of moves he just sealed with a Vacationesque Scarecrow.  Other combos of note include The Ageless Trevor Brown, Quinn-O, and Doobs; Bradford T. and Chuck doing a Jam/Heave Thang; and any jam that included Robbie-Rob who is playing with a level of passion and skill that few can match.  Oh, and the Oracle?  What can I say—I have long since run out of words to describe his mastery.  All Friggin’ Hail!  Period.

There was much more Flow-filled Frisbee Frolicking that defines the inner workings of the Tribe, but I shall finish by adding a note of optimism.  Sheep’s Meadow opened a couple of weeks early this year.  The Official A*T season opens up this coming Thursday so, all together now…don’t be shy…with feeling:



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