8/12/2010 – The A*T Chronicles: International Reflections Edition

Hail and well met to all of our Plastic Peeps,

From the perspective of this Noo Yawkuh, the best part of the 2010 Worlds in Seattle was the passionate ALL/US/WE sensibility carried by our community.  Reading about the competition, the parties, and especially the Jams, was a real inspiration for those of us who remained here holding it down while The Oracle, Sir Roger, Robbie-Rob, Young Daniel, Young James, and Fearless Lou sharing his Master Nailsmith wares represented the Tribe.  Again, major thanks to the FPA and all of the folks who made it happen out there.

All*Star Wednesday, Baby! Bow, Wow, Wow, Wow!

The Hard Corps of the Big Apple has been Blessed by a bunch of Guest Jammers in 2010, but this week was so special that we had to add an extra day of international shredding.  We were graced by the presence of World Champion Clay Collera (Congrats to Reto and Joakim too!) and Claudio Cigna of Italy, and Dan Lustiger of Israel, who were making their way back across the Atlantic and decided to make a pit-stop at our Green Beach.  The Oracle and (a)RF are still on the Left Coast, so TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy, Fearless Lou, Doug E. Fresh and Family, The Roginator, Chuck, Kevin, Bradford T., Bill Doobs, Chris K. all came out to share in the fun.  Not only that, as TedShred and I started getting loose, he says “You know Erwin’s comin’?”  I had heard tell, but adding Erwin Velasquez to this line-up of guests was too much for my feeble little brain to process.  Well, he showed and it was GREAT!

As always, fresh blood in the water makes the Jamming more intense.  Clay and Claudio got up with TedShred, Young Daniel and were joined by Young Dan L., another hungry young man who plays with grace and abandon.  This was great for all us Crusties.  Clay never allowed a single spin to suffice, going for double-spinning Everything, while Claudio showed off a remarkable disc-dexterity.  Dan L. showed real moxie after just missing a wild spinning Gitis seal by going even bigger two throws later with and even higher degree of difficulty combo, and CRUSHING the same Gitis seal.  Not only that, our Young Daniel has returned from the Worlds (and a summer full of travelin’ jams) with fire in his belly and bunch more stuff in his bag o’ tricks.  And then there’s Erwin.  Mr. Velasquez is one of the legendary figures of our sport and to see him out on the Meadow with us was incredible.  He attacks the game with a linebacker’s intensity, yet with infinite grace and a delicate touch.  The spins, the rolls, and the instincts that take him to places that other fear to tread, WOW!


This was the Farewell A*T for Doug E. Fresh who is taking his family on an international Walkabout, starting in Athens (Greece, NOT Georgia) so it was gonna be special no matter what.  A light rain was sprinkling down throughout the afternoon, but it did nothing to dampen our spirits.  I arrived first, planting myself by the manhole with my chair and umbrella, hoping for the best.  Chuck K, and my boy Fearless were next to arrive.  Clay and Claudio rolled in with big smiles after more sightseeing.  Sir Tedley and the Lovely Chrissy, Roger and Tricia, Fresh, Young Daniel, Quinn-O, Chris K., Bradford T., JB and Sarah, and a late arriving Irena (on her way back to Prague) rounded out the field.

The field was a little slick from the light drizzle, but there was no reason to repair to the Bandshell.  The Jam combinations were free flowing as everyone mixed and matched to make sure they got a little somethin’-somethin’ from everyone.  Clay was like a whirling Dhervish, and you could hear the sound of his sneakers squeaking on the grass with the same aural pattern (1x, 2x, 3x) depending on the move, and his Flow was wonderful.  Claudio?  Man, he has got moves for days including some rim work that I have never seen nor imagined, and excellent throws as well.  Irena came back from Seattle with some new moves so it was clear that she made the most of her time in the Northwest.  One of my favorite jams featured her and Bradford T.  She’s Counter, he’s Clock, and they meshed beautifully.  Young Daniel really played amazingly well yesterday.  He’s really working the plastic and going for big moves, including one combination where he was on the edge chasing the disc into the distance, but was somehow in control enough to hit a big air Gitis to seal things with a chomp.  There were too many wonderful moments to recount them all.  Just know that as dusk settled in, the Jams all went to 11.

The real gift of All*Star Thursdays is that each week, our family ties grow.  We have Guest Jammers who come and share the Love, and folks like Fresh who will Spread the Jam in parts of the world yet unknown.  It’s All Good!  So…when are YOU comin’ down?

Peace Out, Yo!


P.S.  Hey Left Coast; Hope the Magic Frisbee Tour is going well.
P.P.S. Hey Skippy: Take care of The Oracle for us…we love that cat and want him back.
P.P.P.S. Hey Fabio–When are you coming back to NYC?


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