8/19/2010 – The A*T Chronicles: The There and Back Again Edition

Good Day to all,

Twas a fine afternoon on the Isle of Manahatta as TBGITW came out with her Dad to share a bit of Freestyle Frolicking.  The sun was bright, the few clouds were white, and the heat n humidity had broken.  We wandered in from the northeast corner seeing a Skystyler with curious markings arcing through the air.  As I got a bit closer I saw Toddy Brodeur, recently returned from Seattle flinging that thing with one Rick Williams in his A*T debut, while Alan Caplin sat chillin with Robbie Rob. Three Guest Jammers well, aint that a fine way to start the day?!  Not long after we were joined by the Ageless Trevor Brown, who confused me by coming in from the southwest corner rather than the eastern end.  He always tried to keep us on our toes, so as soon as I nailed up–utilizing some of Fearless Lous finest–we got up with a 175 for some long tossing.  Playing with Forever Trevor is always an honor and a pleasure.  His Flow is all-natural no matter the distance, and incredibly, he throws better now than ever before.  Whats not to like?

While we were throwing, Young Daniel arrived followed by new recruit Tony Parker (compatriot of Ralph Heaver), Gerry Linas (bearing a disc and copy of Freestyle Mag Vol.2 for me”Thanks Jason!!!), the  Roginator and Tricia, Quinn-O, Chuck, Ben Heaver, Cavassa Heaver, Kevin, JB, Quinn-O, and Susan.  Rob, Toddy and Rick got the first full on Jam of the day going when the biggest surprise of the day arrived. Our own Lady Nan came striding across the field carrying her baby girl with various family members in tow, including her Dad.  She’s been living in Spain singing and teaching opera, got hitched to a fine caballero named Pablo, and had to come by to demonstrate her passion for plastic.  After sharing greetings all around, I set her up with a couple of my Fearless Lou specials and we commenced to Jammin’.  Nan was more nervous than when I saw her perform at Carnegie Hall because: 1) she hasn’t played since the progeny arrived more than a year ago; and 2) her Dad had never seen her play before.  She shook off the rust in no time and we had a wonderful Jam.  She’s mostly counter, has throws for days, plenty of moves in the arsenal, and the kind of energy that makes playing so much fun.  She had to bail to check on da’ child, but the day was just beginning.

As if all of these guests weren’t enough, one Gary A. come rolling in for another A*T appearance, immediately jumping into my Jam with Alan C. and Young Daniel which was just great.  While this one was rockin’, Forever Trevor, Rick, and Kevin were in one Jam, while Roger, Toddy, and Quinn-O went at it big time in what I believe was Jam of the Day.  The combinations kept mixing and matching, with only a short break as the Reliable One made sure to organize the one-of-a-kind group shot before Robbie-Rob split to rest his achy shoulder.  This was all great, but something was missing. Hmmmmm’

The Oracle was on the Left Coast on his own Magical Mystery Tour Fresh Family Simon is in the Greek Islands somewhere that’s not it.  Wait, where’s Sir Tedley and the Lovely Chrissy?  The sun’s below the building line and there’s still no sign of ’em.  I guess we’ll have them draw straws to see who will wear the Yella Jersey next week, I thought to myself.  Truth be told, A*T just ain’t the same without the Shredmeister and his consort.  There’s just some extra joyful noise when they’re around.  Not long after these thoughts bounced about inside my cranial cavity, guess who came striding purposefully in with Robbie-Rob in tow?  You are correct’TO and TLC!  The nerve of those clients scheduling an important meeting late on a Thursday afternoon!!!!

TO jumped in with Toddy, Roger, and Quinn-O, if I recall correctly.  All the Jams took on extra urgency since dusk was settling in and we knew we had to get in our last licks.  There was a major 7-man Mob Op to complete the festivities and as always it was a blast!  The Parkies kept announcing that The Meadow is CLOSED!” as it got darker and darker.  With the bonus Onus squarely upon their shoulders, Quinn-O and TO hit massively Hein combos–complete with back to back Scarecrow seals–to end the evening.  All was right with the world.

There’s one more item to discuss.  So we know that Gaddoz is coming in for the September 23rd A*T.  Toddy B. and Alan C. have committed, and so has our pal Buti.  The 15-acre Green welcome mat is here awaiting all ya all what are YOU waiting for?!



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