9/2/2010 – A*T Chronicles: “Whaddya Mean it’s September?” Edition

Hello Children! (in my best Isaac Hayes/Chef voice)

September is upon us.  Unbelievable how fast the time goes.  Summer was very much in the air as we gathered for our weekly Jam session.  While Young Daniel was still eating ice cream as he finished his stint on the DL recovering from a tonsillectomy, Young James returned to the nest after traveling the world.  He was all amped up and covered with sweat by the time I arrived.  The energy that our Columbia Connection brings to our collective is just great.  Aspiring Jammer Tony P. was there and we were joined by The Reliable One, The Oracle, Ben Heaver, Ivan TJH, Chuck, Quinn-O, our resident nail craftsman Fearless Lou, Bradford T., and Forever Trevor.   Sir Tedley and the Lovely Chrissy were absent though, and we still miss Fresh Family HanSimon.

My first Jam was with Jammin’ James and then Ivan joined the fray.  The former brought back a sack full of new moves that he wanted to show off, so he went BIG on the 3rd throw, trying for a Gitosis.  He missed that one, but was undeterred.  He finished his next combo with a very Bad Attitude, then nailed a Gitosis right after that.  Not to be outdone, Ivan went for his own Gitis, following that with a vicious spinning behind the head catch and a southpaw snap that just hummed.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Quinn-O, Roger, and Lou Jammed on one side, while The Oracle got in with James, Ivan, and yours truly.  Airborne alliances abounded all around as the crew mixed and matched, everyone getting a little taste of the flying plastic.  At one point, I found myself Jammin’ alone with The Oracle and Sir Roger broke out his new Flip camera.  After a couple of false starts, we suddenly got into a great Flow.  Playing with Joey is always remarkable because he SEES THINGS–anticipating not only his own combos, but what throw will elicit a shredful response from his partner.  I believe it was right after Joey hit a Matrix that it felt as if time warped.  Suddenly things slowed down and everything became clear.  We went dropless for what felt like forever, with Joey going all Oracular on me, and me pushing myself to greater heights of Hein.  When we spoke about it over the weekend I told him that was the best that I had played with him all summer.  He simply said: “We really executed well.”  Hey…he’s The Oracle and doesn’t need many words.  😉

That Jam pretty much wiped out the rest of my recollections of the day.  I know that Roger and Brad got some, and Quinn-O join me, Ivan, and Young James for another round.  Fearless Lou, Joey, Ivan, and I were the last Jam standing .  Lou went out on a fierce combo that he sealed with a Chomped Scarecrow, and I almost went out on a miraculous foot-brush assist.  I thought the better of it, and soldiered on.  Joey’s exit was typically magical, and completely indescribable.  Finally I hit an Elevator Down to under the leg pull into a Triple Fake, which Ivan answered with a Big Air Ivan-isimo Gitis.  Yes, it was a good day.

The September 23rd A*TGJI Shredfest–featuring the #1 ranked Great Gaddoz–is growing.  The crew from The Invisible String is coming in, toting a couple of cameras and a few more Jammers including Takashi “a Japanese urban streetstyler”.  They are sticking around for their “Big Throw” event on Saturday 25th on our Green beach http://bigthrow.wordpress.com

They asked if we would “mind passing on the word to all the local Frisbee maniacs to sign up for this grand event: bigthrow@… and persuade them to come?”  Soooooooooo…all together now…this time with feeling…wait for it…

When Are YOU Comin’ Down??!!

Peace Out, Yo!


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