9/16/2010 A*T Chronicles: Man of Few Words Edition


Last week’s tornado only deterred on Jammer who was already at the Meadow when it blasted through Brooklyn and Queens–Me.  The rest of our merry band–not needing any stinkin’ conditions–retired to the Bandshell, soaked but shredful.  TedShred was so Yella he dressed as a banana, and just check out The Oracle Jammin’ with Young James and Young Daniel:


The All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Intiative welcomes The GREAT Gaddoz in 24 hours.  There are rumors* that there may be an All*Star Wednesday Jam, just to get warmed up.*

The Invisible String folks are coming here staright from Tokyo for A*T and THE BIG THROW http://bigthrow.wordpress.com/ for goodness sake–why aren’t you on your way already!

Peace Out, Yo!


* – I am starting that rumor right now…. 😀

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