5/19/2011 – Where My Dang Paper Edition Part Deux

May 19th was another great day.  The crowd was smaller, and we didn’t have any surprise guests, but breeze was (fairly) consistent and the air was very Live.  Whether Jammin, or throwing at distance, it felt as if the disc stayed aloft, awaiting your next command.  Ya gotta like that!.  Mr. E. Fresh was in the house, as was Fearless Lou, Forever Trevor, Chuck-K, Young Daniel, and Young James, Quinn-O, Ivan TJH, TedShred and TLC, The Oracle, JB, Tony (The Newlywed), and Jaime-TJH.  There were many Hein Jams, with folks flowing in an out.  I do recall Jamming with James as a pair, and being joined by TedShred for his warm-up.  That one got very hot, with much passing and TO hitting a double spinning Gitosis.  Young James answered with some insane ground work, and then hit a screaming double spinning Scarecrow seal.  There was much more, but I cannot talk about it right now.

It is with great sadness that I share the news that a member of the Tribe as passed away.  Most of you did not know Frederick D. Rosenberg, aka Dutch.  He was an old school Central Park cat, who played many years ago, before multiple spinal surgeries and two knee replacements forbade such activities.  He was a good friend to us all, and when he met Helene a few years back, it seemed that he had found his soul mate.  Unfortunately, his body gave out on him at the age of 65.

Today (Thursday May 26th) is his memorial ceremony.  I would ask that each of you takes a moment to say a prayer for our departed friend.  Also, reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them that you Love them.  Life is too short, and we don’t know when the Most High will call someone home.

Much Love to all of our Brethren and Sistren!

Thanks to Robert Fried for the nice picture.

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