7/14/2011 – A*T Chronicles Just Right Edition

Hello to all:

Bastille Day was a postcard day perfect for that thing we do.  The temperature was in the low 80’s with a few stray clouds in the sky as I wandered in from the Southwest corner.  The first Jammer on the scene was our pal Barak.  Mr. President, clad in a yellow bandana, was joined by the First Lady after missing a week.  He must have known this was his first day of true Yella-gibility, given that he had been present two (2) consecutive weeks, and then missed a session.  While there were several candidates, the Board had confirmed his nomination in short order.  Roger-Flute and Guitar Sean were also on hand, and Gary A. rolled up just as I started to nail up.  It’s always a better day when a Guest Jammer is around, and Gary has been a fixture in the A*T firmament from our first year of Frisbee Frolic. Rounding out the field were Robbie-Rob, Sue (The Birthday Girl), Roger, JB, Jestin Heaver, Doug E. Fresh, Fearless Lou (who presented the Yella rag), Young Daniel, Mary-Mary, Quinn-O, Ivan-TJH, TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy, Kevin, Kevin-Newbie, The Ageless Trevor Brown, The Oracle, Keith-Ultimate/Heaver, and Helene (Consort of the dearly departed Dutch).  We also had Tom Cole of Santa Barbara make his first A*T appearance.

The early Jams were all pairs, so folks were able to get a nice rhythm.  Fresh and Mr. President (looking fabulous in Yella) moved into the shade to get things started.  The combination of Dougie’s disc dexterity, with Barak’s boundless energy and athleticism, made this one fun to watch.  Meanwhile, TedShred and Forever Trevor set up their Jam in close proximity to them, to be joined later by Kevin.  Joey and Tom Cole staked their claim in the bright sunshine.  Tom has that natural California roll/brush combination game, and the breeze on this day was very forgiving.  Their Flow drew in Young Daniel, holdin’ it down for the Next Gen Jammers.  He has improved so much, and so quickly, that it boggles the mind.  There was much nice passing and I saw him finish one O’Malley sequence with a chomp of a quasi-flying Bad Attitude seal.

Gary A’s contributions cannot be minimized.  He earned Jam of the Day honors when he combined with Joey and Fresh in a Jam that was just Smokin’!  Individually, they have incredible repertoires of moves, but their ability to continuously share the disc while making high-diff plays was just wonderful.  The Roginator kept his eye on this Jam for a while, sipping a tasty beverage and biding his time.  Something clicked, and he seamlessly entered the fray, sealing his share and making plays to raise the level for everyone.  Later, when Joey and Fresh took a break, Barak subbed in for his end of day shredding.  Once he had rehydrated, Dougie joined TedShred and Young Danieland they too, decided to go off.

Quinn-O and my boy Fearless anchored another notable Jam.  The alchemy of the game makes the combination of certain folks extra special, and these two were very much on the money.  I had gotten an early taste, broke for water, and rejoined them for my last Jam.  Ivan-TJH hopped in as the sun dipped below the buildings on Central Park West, and we all had a blast.  Quinn-O brushed, rolled, and passed, Lou crunched his catches, and Ivan continued to Shred at a high level.  Just Glorious!

Before signing off, I must extend a personal expression of gratitude to TedShred and the Lovely Chrissy.  My birthday is July 16th.  There’s nothing better than sharing an All*Star Thursday with dear friends, while outfitted in a birthday hat and balloon to mark the occasion.  Thank you so much!!!!

To top it off the Team Oberhaus broke out a fresh stack of Yella A*T stylers and passed them all around.  We are truly blessed here in the big apple.

Peace Out, Yo!

Happy Birthday Paul

Happy Birthday Paul

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2 Responses to 7/14/2011 – A*T Chronicles Just Right Edition

  1. John Titcomb says:

    Lovin’ every word, pic, and video! Thank you, Paul! Z’s, =jwt

  2. Circus says:

    What a treat! Thanks for the videos. Almost like being there. See you soon.

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