7/7/2011 – The A*T Chronicles: The Very Happy Frisbee Edition

Como estas mis compadres?

It is a good thing to have a weekly gathering of friends.  We have bonded over the years, using flying plastic as our anchor.  The relationships that have blossomed are strong and vibrant.  Thus, it was special to enter the field from the northwest corner and see that Fearless Lou had returned from his acting gig in Massachusetts.  Even though some thievin’ cretin had made off with his official Jam Bag, including discs, nail kit, and his beloved leopard print shorts, he was in good spirits.

The Ageless Trevor Brown rolled in carrying “La Camisa Amarilla”, presenting it immediately to our pal.  The Board had long ago decided that his first day back would be soaked in Yella, and thus it began.  Ralphy-Boy, and Ivan-TJH were also on hand early, so I jumped into some Mighty Heavin’ to start the day off right.  Ralph already can delay a bit, and has a bunch of trick catches in his bag.  It won’t be long before TJH is added to his name.  As for Ivan, well, he really is quite special.  His throws and catches at distance are great, and his get up and go, makes playing with him huge fun.  He gets around town doing his Freeline thing, which you must see to believe…and even then, you might think it was a trick.  Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aao8OLK37nA

One at a time, folks came in until we had a pretty substantial crowd.  The oracle, JB, Chris Heaver, Doug E. Fresh, Kevin, Quinn-O, TedShred and The Lovely Chrissy, Chuck, Newbies Kevin and Andre, Young Daniel, Flute Playin’ Roger (NOT that one), and Guitar Sean rounded out the crew.  I spent a bunch of time Heaving with Ralph, Ivan, and Chris Heaver, because the air was live and everyone was throwing strikes.  I took a break when Mr. Shred and TLC arrived bearing some ‘gifts’ for my boy Fearless.  Yella shorts, Yella bandana, and some sweet Yella shades adorned with funky wings were added to his ensemble.  He was quite the vision when he got back to Jammin’ with The Oracle.

Normally, I can share a bit about all of the Jams that took place, but this was an unusual day.  TedShred was standing there ready to go with plastic in his hands.  Seizing the opportunity to get my first Jam of the day, I said “Let’s Go!” and off we went.  This was my only Jam of the day.  That’s because we never sat down.  Folks busted and exited for the next couple of hours, but Mr. Oberhaus (who is not the Oberdick suing Wham-O) and I never sat down until darkness fell.  I do know that Fresh anchored the other primary Jam, which included Lou, Joey, and Young Daniel at various times, but I can’t tell you much about it ‘cuz I was too busy.

There were many highlights of this Jam, but one section stands out.  At some point Joey had joined TO and I, and things were flowing nicely.  Each of them stepped up to the challenge with flair, while I work the point.  My job was to throw strikes, make the right pass, and seal it when the opportunity arose.  This was all well and good, but it was (almost) just another day at the office.  Then Ivan-TJH joined the fray, and he was ‘en fuego’!!!  I have never seen him play this well. He’s a natural southpaw, so he snapped off counter backhands, and clock forehands with many Zzzzz’s and tremendous accuracy.  He covered ground like nobody’s business, and sealed his combinations with gusto.  At one point Ted hit a double spinning Gitis, Joey nailed a Teabag to Gitis, and Ivan followed with this crazy combo that ended when he set the disc flat and high.  I could not figure out what he was gonna do next.  Eyes blazing with focused intensity, he appeared to levitate straight up.  He then twisted his body, snaking his left hand around his right leg, sealing the move with an Onus Gitis.   Then, without breaking rhythm, he threw me backhand strike.  I did feel that Gitis Twitch, but alas, I broke the string…with a nice combo of my own, into a Triple Fake.

Big Ups to Chuck, our Ace Videographer who capture some of the shredding:  http://vimeo.com/26169004  Check out the opening sequence (:01- :16) which starts with me throwing a Counter UD overhand to TO; Ivan’s Gitis (:38) and TedShred’s Lookaway Goatus (1:12).

Yes, this was Big Fun, indeed!!!

Over the rest of the evening, more folks flowed in and out of this Jam.  I know Quinn-O got in, along with Forever Trevor, Fearless Lou, and Young Daniel at various points.  At the end of the evening, this Jam was the last Jam standing.  I can’t even remember how it ended, just that it was another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  There were many folks Yella-gilble this week.  The Reliable One and Robbie-Rob are good candidates, though I’m nominating Barak.  Mr. President and the First lady were notably absent.  I think he’d look marvelous in the Cowardly Coverlet, don’t you?

I think you should come down and see for yourself!

Peace Out, Yo


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2 Responses to 7/7/2011 – The A*T Chronicles: The Very Happy Frisbee Edition

  1. Alan says:

    Thanks for the report. Can’t wait to make it down again!

  2. Jay Moldenhauer says:

    Totally enjoy the updates! I hope to someday make it over for a jam.


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