8/4/2011 – A*T Chronicles

All Star Thursday Chronicles: August 4, 2011

Hail and well met to all the Plastic Peeps around the world.

Before anything else, the Tribe asks for thoughts and prayers be sent out to Fearless Lou who was called away because of major illnesses in his family.  Thinking about you, my Brother.

The Meadow seemed a bit emptier because Lou, and some of our crew, had hit the road. Roger went on a pre-vacation vacation to someplace with a (round ball) golf course, while Robbie-Rob and Young Daniel headed over the pond to participate in a certain Freestyle gathering in Prague.

Mr. President and the First Lady were on the scene, light tossing some heavy (175g) plastic when I arrived.  JB, Guitar Sean, Ivan-TJH, Ralphy-Boy, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Quinn-O, Kevin, TedShred and TLC, Jimmy D. and his daughter Anna Maria, Kevin, Chris K., as well as our Padwan Learners Kevin and Andre were out.   Gary A. made yet another Guest Jammer turn, making himself Yella-gible  (two consecutive A*T appearances), a rarity for an out-of-towner.  Joey played the role of The Central Scrutinizer, since he was on the DL with a tweaked ankle.

Ivan and I starting things by slingin’ the 175, which is always a great way to warm up.  One of our forebears (Skippy Jammer?) once said “When a ball dreams, it dreams of flying like a Frisbee.”  This type of flight is the main reason I love this stuff.  Playing with Ivan means that I get plenty of Counter Zzz’s from his mighty lefty backhand, and we are both able to Jam at 60+ yards.  Once we got loose and broke a sweat, it was time for some in-close disc manipulation.   We made our way back to the Manhole (the Center of the Multi-verse) in time to see Gary, TedShred, and Mr. E. Fresh goin’ at it.  I thought this could be special and asked Joey how it was going so far.  He thought things were still a bit uneven, but as we started watching they hit a 6-pass O’Malachy and started on a  roll.

After asking Joey to keeping an eye on the doings, it was time to jump up and get my schmoove on with Barak and Ivan.  The former can do any move he can think of, and the latter is incredibly well coordinated.  Anyone that can do that wild Freeline stuff (add link) is pretty special.  Barak hit a Gitis pull, to insane combo, to double spinning Gitosis seal, which Ivan answered with his own levitation Gitis and his signature spinning behind the head catch that I have dubbed the “Crazy Ivan”, based on the old Tom Clancy submariner tales.  S’Nice!

When we broke for hydration, I immediately asked Joey for an update on that special trio.  He said “Oh man, they went to Eleven–in fact, you can say that they got to an ‘Esoteric Level!’”  Thus spaketh The Oracle.  Guess that means pretty darn good.  Quinn-O, Jim, and Chris went Old School Stylee for a while, with a mess of fine flow.  Later I got solo Jim, and finished the evening with Ted and Ivan.  All in all it was another excellent day in the neighborhood.

All the Best to All Y’all,


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