8/11/2011 – A*Thursday Chronicles: A Looooong Time Coming Edition


The All Star Thursday Chronicles: A Looooong Time Coming Edition

As Jammers from across the globe were gathering in Prague for the FPA World Championship, The Tribe gathered to pay homage to all the participants in the best way we could think of—by Jammin’ ‘til da’ Jam is True!

Barak and Emily were again the first on the scene, with Ivan, Joey, Forever Trevor, and Ralph arriving in rapid succession. The something kind of funny happened. A guy with short dark hair and flecks of gray (distinguished looking, of course) walks up to Trevor, and introduces himself. Says his name is Allan and he’s a Jammer. I’m about 15 feet away so I can’t hear much more, but he did look somewhat familiar. “Excuse me, did you say Alan? Might that be Allen Flood?” He said “Yeah….” My three functional neurons ignited “You used to play with Ted–they used to call you Flash, right?” He demurred saying “Well the only one who calls me that is Ted…” I said “That’s BS, folks ‘round here know exactly who you are. Man, we have been waiting seven years for you to come out for and All*Star Thursday. WELCOME!” Flash and Ted played together for years, notably for me, in tournament in ‘87 on Frisbee Hill where they and the Velasquez Brothers just blew my mind, doing things with plastic that were beyond my comprehension at the time. Yes, this was gonna a very good day indeed.

Bradford T. (the host of said tournament) came out, as did Quinn-O, Jimmy D. and Ann Marie, Kevin, our Padwan Learners Andre and Kevin, and of course, TedShred and TLC. TO is one of the post positive people I have ever met, but to see the genuine joy on his face when he saw Flash out on our Green Beach for an A*T was really wonderful. Even better was watching these two old buddies getting up to Jam. They started with some Speed Flow (quick catches), nothing spectacular. Just getting a rhythm. As time moved on they got hotter and hotter, working together as only old partners can. Later Mr. Shred described the following sequence to TLC, which I’d like to share: “Flash did a right handed swoop, around the back into left hand indigenous under right leg” and he followed with a series of three chest rolls, cuffing to turnover disc between each roll. I don’t think anyone else has ever hit it. Don’t try this at home…actually, I dare you.” He went on to say Flash has more flow and “consectivity” than just about any of the best players out there. Oh, and he can do every throw with either hand. Welcome back, Flash!

Meanwhile, Joey and Barak were going at it solo, which is a nice combination. The contrast in their styles is interesting. Barak is all-clock, all the time, dictating what the disc will do. The Oracle takes in whatever is thrown his way, subtly influencing the movement of the Frisbee through, brushes, tips, rolls, and deflections until magic happens. Both are somehow just right. Anyway, when Flash took a break, Sir Tedley join that Jam, Brad and Kevin, Quinn-O and Jimbo got together, while I got into it with Ivan and Trevor. Trevor cracked me up when he noted “Hey, this is an all African American Jam!” This is fairly rare, so Ivan made sure to nail a spinning Gitis, while TATB shredded approvingly. Pretty sure that our Padwans Learners got some Kevin or Bradford T. in there somewhere too. As the evening waned, TedShred and Quinn-O joined us for the Last Jam Standing, before retiring for a tasty beverage.

I had the pleasure a walking off the field with Teddy and he was still glowing as he said “I can’t believe we finally got him out here” speaking of Flash. This really is the essence of what All*Star Thursdays are all about—having chance to get together and have fun with our friends. Which begs the question…you know which one. When are YOU comin’ down?

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