9/1/2011 – A*T Chronicles – The Early Bird Catches a Gitis Edition

Hello to all,

September 1st snuck up on the Tribe after Mother Nature hit us with record high temperatures in July, to go with record high rains, an earthquake, and a Hurricane in August.  We did not have the locusts or frogs that were forecast in some quarters.  It is amazing how fast the summer goes by.

I could see Roger and Barak tearing it up all the way from the big tree in the Northwest corner as I walked into the Meadow.  The Reliable One snapped off a backhand and Mr. President converted those Z’s into a wild combination.  He started with somersaulting groundwork, maintaining complete control of the delay, got up, gave the disc a Zing to change the angle, brushed it once for good luck, and then just crushed a big air, double spinning Gitis.  When I got to the folks gathered by the Manhole expressing my amazement, both Robbie-Rob and Young James (newly returned from Texas and much of Europe) said “You should’ve seen what Roger just did!” describing a combination that started with and Osis backroll and finished with an Osis behind-the-back catch.  S’Nice!

New England’s own Alan Caplin was on hand as a Guest Jammer once again.  The Ageless Trevor Brown, The First Lady, Young Daniel, Doug E. Fresh, Quinn-O, Jill, BenJAMin n’ Claire, Kevin, Mojito Jay, Tony, Ben Heaver, Jestin Heaver, Ivan-TJH, Andre the Apprentice, Bradford T., TedShred n’ TLC, and Chuck were all out as well.  It was a day where folks moved from Jam to Jam to Jam, getting a tasted of all of the various players.  I started out by Heaving with Jestin and Ben for a while to loosen up before coming in to observe and Jam.

Rob and Mr. E Fresh were up and at ‘em, working the squirrelly breeze to perfection.  This caught James’ eye, so he dove in to get his groove back.  He was shredding away happily, when Sir Bradford wondered aloud to the Board about who should receive the dreaded Yella Jersey that he had in his possession?  Last week’s Rand-O-Man Jams brought out the entire Tribe…except for a certain Columbia student who made the excuse that he was still in Texas at the time.  The discussion was brief.  Young James protested vehemently, but to no avail, and he donned the Cowardly Coverlet.  This was followed by a pretty significant amount of whining about not being able to Jam in “that thing” and the unfairness of it all.  We all felt really, really bad for him.  Really bad.  Really.  Tee Hee…

In looking at my notes, it appears that Barak was the chief Free Agent of Freestyle, moving around like a sommelier of Jam.  Roger and Barak got back up together, and were later joined by Alan C.  Barak also got in with Ivan solo, and with Joey and Roger yet again before exiting with the very patient Emily.  Fresh, Quinn-O, and Joey did their thing for a time, while Ivan, Alan, and James displayed big time Hein behavior.  I spotted Daniel and Andre off in the distance and was happy to hop into that one.  Daniel has been a serious (J)ambassador, always taking the time to teach newcomers, and Andre has been a beneficiary of his generosity.  The latter has great instincts and it was easy to feel his excitement from the first moment I entered the fray.  He’s got solid throws, and while he is primarily Clock, he is learning both spins.  Inspired by our EuroJammer brethren, we are thrilled to have Generation Next Jammers here in NYC.  Other Jams included Brad, Joey, Dan, and Roger; Ivan, Trevor, and Kevin; Quinn-O, Lou, and Ted; Ted and Fresh, which I slipped into for my own final Jam, and a few more that I didn’t write down.  A great time was had by all.

As I rode my trusty steed away from the park that evening, I thought about just how lucky the Hard Corps of the Big Apple has been this season.  We’ve had a visit from Paul and Cheryl Kenney, multiple appearances by Gary Auerbach, and had Flash Flood show for consecutive Thursdays.  The All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative started by welcoming home Richie Regs, continued with Randy Silvey, and we have Anton Capellman as our next A*TGJI invitee in a couple of weeks.  He is bringing three other companions from Germany.  Not only that, but Jammers from around the country who are converging on the area for Jersey Jam Camp http://veebros.com/jersey-jam-camp.html will be in attendance.  Oh, and this week we have Sir Arthur of Coddington, he of ShredNow fame coming in for some o’ dat Noo Yawk Juju.  All that, and so many not mentioned here, have made it all very special.  We hope that YOU will join us too!

Until then…


James Wiseman is Yella

James Wiseman is Yella

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  1. John Titcomb says:

    So James!
    Z’s, =jwt

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