9/8/2011 – A*T Chronicles – The ShredNow Edition

Hello to all,

There is always a greater sense of urgency in the Jammin’ as we enter the home stretch of the All*Star Thursday season. The days are noticeably shorter and folks know that the all too soon, the cold dank misery of winter will be upon us. Can you tell I’m a summertime kind of guy?

The Meadow was closed, but we lucked into another window of opportunity when the rains let up in the afternoon. As I walked towards the Bandshell, our bad weather/off season home away from home, I saw Young James, Roger, and Bill Doobs lighting it up. Mr. Dubilier was in the original conversation that led to the creation of All*Star Thursdays, and he is always a welcome sight when he comes in from upstate. Sir Arthur of Coddington was scheduled to join us, so that’s two Guest Jammers in the fold for the day. Barak and Emily were on hand, along with Robbie-Rob, the Ageless Trevor Brown, Quinn-O, The Oracle, JB, Chuck, Andre the Apprentice, Young Daniel, Kevin, Doug E. Fresh, Bradford T., and Emma who brought out The Gamboa. S’Nice!

Every player has traits that define their (Free)style. For Bill Doobs it’s fast hands. He has some moves that seem impossible. Then there’s a blur of movement and the disc is set up perfectly for the seal. He also has excellent throws, so Jams with him Flow like water. James was matching his pace with a very Bad Attitude, while Roger set the tone for the day with great passing, and seal after sizzling seal. Meanwhile Fresh and Mr. President set up shop the far side of the Bandshell courtyard, making the most difficult moves look easy. When Barak lost a nail, Rob jumped in and that threesome was awesome.

I was Jammin’ with Emma and Daniel and wondering where our Guest Jammer might be, when he came stealthily in from the South, with a sly smile on his face. This was the first time that Arthur gave us any advance notice for one of his visits and he was ready to Jam as soon as he put down his bags. Emma and James snatched him up, and away they went. ShredNow is both a command and an accurate descriptor for Mr. Coddington. You can see it when he sights the disc and rips off a triple spinning Scarecrow as if it were a ‘The’, and in the way he covers ground. He was always putting himself in position to make the next play. Later, when James went off to Jam with Rob, Barak subbed in and this was a Jam to behold. There were many spins, brushes, guides, and very fancy seals everywhere. Emma continued her fine play, as Barak and Arthur kept pushing the envelope. Gotta love it!

The Jams continued too fast and too furious for words. I got time with Quinn-O and Dan, while Kevin and Bill Doobs did their thing. Bradford T. Barak, and Sir ShredNow went at it while Rob and James paired off as well.

Joey, Roger, and Fresh did some serious work. Young Daniel subbed in for Fresh after he got some solo time with Arthur. This final Jam eked out Jam of the Day because Roger just kept crushing. Fresh and Joey of course played at their ‘A.B. Someone’ level, and Daniel has transformed himself into a tremendous Flowmeister, but Roger was on fire. I was invited by Emma to be a part of the committee of between 2 and 69 to decide who would be honored with The Gamboa. Roger made his bid early and just kept making plays. As the evening was settling in, he and Joey went mano a mano, with The Oracle pulling some magic out of his hat. But each time he upped the ante, The Reliable matched and raised the bid. Ultimately, the choice was clear. Emma bestowed The Gamboa upon The Roginator, and he finished his Jam by delaying the disc on the trophy itself, and sealing the deal with flair.

It is actually (All*Star) Thursday morning as I write this edition of the Chronicle and I am very excited. Anton, Sleepy Jammer, Stefan, and Bol are here already, Vic and Richie Regs arrived yesterday and joined our German brethren for a Long Beach Jam. There are many more Jammers converging on NYC for the A*TGJI House of Hein and then Jam Camp this weekend. Hope to Z you later!!!

Peace Out, Yo!


Emma Kahle is Yella

Emma Kahle is Yella

Arthur Coddington back in NYC

Arthur Coddington back in NYC

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  1. Friz says:

    Keep em coming. I wish I was there. Say hi to all from The Friz

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