9/22/2011 – A*T Chronicles: The Just Us Edition


The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Just Us Edition

Thanks again to Jens and Erwin for hosting Jersey Jam Camp, to our Familia from around the world who joined us of the A*TGJI Festivities, and to all who have come in for an All*Star Thursday over the years. You have helped make an inside joke into something very special.

Please say a prayer for our Brother, Fearless Lou Sumrall. His father passed away last weekend. We Love You, Lou!

After several weeks of Guest Jammers from across the country and around the world, September 22nd was just a regular day. It was kind of quiet as folks settled in. Everyone talked about the previous week’s Jams, parties, and all of the great company, as we nailed up in preparation for the day. The Tribe consisted of Barak, Young Daniel, JB, Alex, Kevin, Young James, The Oracle, Roger, TedShred, Quinn-O, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Tony, and Chuck.

I got in a nice warm-up Heave with Alex, one of the few people that knew Washington Square Wizard, Jeff Felberbaum, from BEFORE he played Frisbee. He threw strike after forehand strike, helping me get a nice rhythm before I started my Jammin’.

Barak, Daniel, and Daniel got it started, and Rob got up with Kevin. Kevin, has upped the level of his game immensely this year, adding variety to his seals and throwing the disc with authority. Rob, of course, played incredibly well hitting one No Bones, and a Spinning CHOMP of a Scarecrow off of a wild cuff, mac, brush combination. Quinn-O and Chuck got in a Whiz Ring Jam which was fun to watch, and I had the pleasure of getting time with Barak and Roger, and later with Kevin and James.

Jam of the Day honors go to TedShred and The Oracle. They got up together solo, played incredibly right from the start, and never sat down until it started getting dark. Joey hit a Gitis off of a Scarecrow brush and Teddy answered with a 6-roll combination including one behind the head, another inverted, and something I still can’t wrap my head around, before sealing the deal with a spinning Gitosis. I actually delayed my own Jam just to watch these two masters at work. No one dared bust this one for about fifteen minutes, then Young Daniel eased his way in. At one point he did a wild and wooly UD combination that involved all kinds of shenanigans that I believe he sealed with an Olivia. At that point, Joey just broke out laughing saying to me “Man, I have been dreaming about that for Years, and he just did it!” while shaking his head. This one really was as good as it gets. Later, as we were exiting, Joey said “Teddy and I were Dropless for a long stretch when Daniel jumped in. I told him ‘Don’t F*** this up!’ and he just shredded big time.” S’Nice!

The Yella Jersey has not been mentioned for a couple of weeks. The Lovely Chrissy was the (dis)honoree for the A*TGJI Extravaganza, but she never actually donned the Cowardly Coverlet. Then she was absent this past week and neglected to make sure that Sir Tedley brought it out for Quinn-O, whom the Board had decided would be the rag-bearer. Looks like a Double Yella Day for our fair lady! 😀

Th-th-th-th-that’s all, Folks!


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1 Response to 9/22/2011 – A*T Chronicles: The Just Us Edition

  1. Circus says:

    What a treat just to read you excellent commentary. I am so sorry I have missed so many A*Ts but my life is just too complicated at the moment and time so precious. I really miss the days when I was able to be there at will, even when I had my little girls under my wings. I hope that I’ll soon be able to rejoin my disc family that I miss so much. Thanks for your dedication and generosity.

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