10/6/2011 – The A*T Chronicles: Double Your Pleasure Edition

We were back on the Meadow with a lovely day in store as we continue easing into the Fall season. There was a FB notice that Toddy B. was in town for an Early-Earl Jam. It’s always good news when Mr. Brodeur makes his way down from New England. His good vibe, positive energy, and World Champion caliber skills are always welcome.

The Tribe was rounded out by JB, Chris Heaver, Young James, Rob (Lovely in Yella), Roger, Ivan-TJH, Roger Fox, TedShred n’ TLC, Jaime-TJH, Mary-Mary, The Ageless Trevor Brown, Alex, Quinn-O, Fresh, Bradford T., Chuck, Kevin, Jill, BenJAMin n’ Clare. On a more somber note, our dear friend Fearless Lou is still away dealing with the health challenges of his Mom, after the passing of his Dad. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Teddy and James paired off, as did Joey and Brad, and Rob and Kevin. After a warm up toss with Chris Heaver, I lucked into a great first Jam with The Roginator and Toddy B. Roger’s controlled spontaneity was on display right from the start when he nailed a double spinning Triple Fake off of his first combination. Toddy answered with a series of brushes and rolls that ended in a Figure 4 catch, and we were off. Once flow was established, things went Tri-zarre (beyond bizarre is…). We hit an O’Malley and then an O’Malachy which Toddy finished with a big rollout Gitis off Roger’s set. He also crushed a spinning Gitosis in there somewhere. Big fun!

During this jam I looked up to see an Old School Jammer sidling up to the gang. It was none other than Bruce Page! He and Quinn-O were regular partners back in the day, before ‘sponsiblities took him off to Paris for several years. Toddy wandered off to join Ted and James as Roger and I caught up with Bruce. This left us no choice but to give him his first Jam. BP’s style is incredibly smooth. He has the grace of a dancer matched with a refined sense of disc-dexterity that make him great fun to play with. We Jammed shredfully until Quinn-O was nailed up and Bruce cast a ‘come hither’ look in his direction. James played the role of super-sub, so Roger and I were not lonely for long.

The Quinn-O and BP Jam was excellent. There is nothing quite like seeing how old Jamming partners fall into rhythm. It is as if there was some kind of special music that only they can hear. For example, Quinn’s southpaw mac-throw would settle in over Bruce’s shoulder for a kick tap, then with a quick attitude change, he set about doing multiple standard and inverted rolls, ending with a tasty behind the head seal. The Oracle liked what he saw, and he went to see how they did things over there. This Jam was really great, with tremendous Flow and many, high degree of difficulty, co-ops and combos.

At some point I broke for hydration and by happy coincidence, TedShred and Toddy B. were doing the same. The three of us decided to sally forth into the sunset together. The 94-octane Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy energy those guys bring to the Jam really made this one fun. I was able to play the point as well as hit a few ‘new to me’ moves, which is always the best feeling. Doug E. Fresh must’ve liked what he saw, because he announced “I’m comin’ down!” and joined the fray. This one tied with Quinn, Bruce, and Joey for the Jam of the Day honors. The last Jam standing was Joey, James, Emma. Ms. Kahle’s play has been a real revelation and I have been lucky enough to Jam with a bunch. Another one in the books.


Fare Thee Well,


Robbie looks lovely in Yella

Robbie looks lovely in Yella

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