10/13/2011 – A*Thrusday Chronicles

The pattern has been set. For more than a month we have alternated Jam spots. Sheep’s Meadow one week, the Bandshell the next. True to form, rain in the morning and early afternoon gave way to a light drizzly mist, sending us all to the hard concrete. Lucky for us, the ground was pretty dry and a window opened up for Hein Behavior.

The attendance disc is filled to the center, and I will start on the inside rim next week. Young James, Robbie-Rob, and Doug E. Fresh were on hand first followed by Roger, The Ageless Trevor Brown, TedShred, Jaime-TJH, Ivan-TJH, Clare and BenJAMin rounded out the regulars. Bill Doobs snuck in from upstate, taking a brief break from Woodstock style Daddy Duty. We also had real treat because former NYC and current International Jammer, Jason Salkey came in unannounced. Yet another week where we have multiple Guest Jammers…Woo Hoo!

I neglected to take notes on the Jams (Shame on you, TP!), but do recall a few things. Fresh, Rob, and James started things off. My first Jam was with Roger and then we were joined by TedShred. This was a good one, and it got even better when Jason joined in. He started out hot, sealing everything sent his way with a flourish, and snapping off mighty Z’s with both hands. Mr. Salkey plays a joyously aggressive style of disc, with tremendous hustle to boot. Plenty of spins, attitude adjustments, and he is always on the move, putting himself into position to make the next play. Don’t sleep on him either. He’s really unselfish, so you have to be ready because what you think is surely a seal, just might turn out be a pass to you.

Doobs, Jaime-TJH, and Forever Trevor had an excellent Jam. Jason, Fresh, and The Oracle really shredded it up as well. There were many other combinations and we played until it got good and dark. Young James and Ivan kept trying to prove Freshian Philosophy #14.2 (Seeing is overrated) by attempting to nail one last Gitis as darkness fell. Overall, it was another wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Robbie-Rob brought our the Cowardly Coverlet but there was no Yella Designee this week. After he lobbying the Board pretty hard without much success to just give away, the question of the whereabouts of a certain maker of ambrosia might be arose. Sir Tedley said something about a twisted ankle preventing TLC from coming out. After making sure she was okay and careful deliberation, the Board sent the Jaundinced Jersey home with TO. Playing with pain is a core value that the Hard Corps of the Big Apple embraces, and Chrissy’s Margarita’s are an essential element of our weekly gatherings. Plus, she looks great in Yella!

Adios, mis Hermanos y Hermanas,


A*T Disc almost filled

A*T Disc almost filled

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