10/27/11 -The All*Star Thursday Chronicles: The Gloucesterman Edition

Hail and Well Met,

The Penultimate All*Star Thursday of 2011 was for the Hardest of the Hard Corps of the Big Apple.  The only folks that were not Yella were Robbie-Rob, Doug E. Fresh, The Reliable One, Young James, Kevin, and your intrepid reporter.  And I was not happy.

Actually, I was plenty happy to be there but it was dark, dank, and pretty miserable.  Folks did Shred it up pretty well.  Rob did his thing early, Young James is just killing it and Roger was  his normally rambunctious self.  Fresh played extremely well though his ankle issues are quite serious.  The doctor has taken one of the best surgical options off the table, so he is contemplating his next move.  I suggested China Syndrome, but that is restricted  to action on the Meadow.   Kevin was last to arrive and he played extremely well when he paired off with Roger, while I joined Fresh and James.  To tell the truth, my hands were so freakin cold that everytime I brushed the disc, the Ouchie Alarm went off in my head.

Hey…did I just catch me whining about the conditions, which we don’t need?  YES!!!!

The clocks change this week, so the official A*T Season is coming to a close.  It has been a real Blast.  The attendance disc is filled and the last entries are indeed on the inside rim.  Gotta Like That!  Can’t wait for 2012.

Peace Out, Yo!


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