The All Star Thursday Chronicles: 2013 Roars Like a Lion Edition

Hail and Well Met to All Plastic Peeps,

Let us lead off with a big shout-out to everyone at the Virginia States. It is a legendary gathering of the greater Tribe that elicits nothing but stories of wonder and merriment. Bravo to all there this weekend.

2013’s All*Star Thursday Preseason began with the changing of the clocks back in mid-March. Bradford T. and I were the first Jammers on the scene by the Bandshell on a very chilly breezy day. We got nailed up and hustled out onto the hard concrete quickly. We did a combination of in tight and Heaving distance Jammin’ and having a good ol’ time until Roger arrived on his trusty steed. Straight off the bike and in civilian gear, the Reliable One behaved Shredfully and hit the first Gitis of the year. We were then joined by Ivan-TJH who zoomed in on his Freeline Skates providing and instant dose of high energy and spectacular play. The evening ended with a Ivan hitting a Gitis during the Onus Round. Perfection.


A nice contingent came out the following week, yet I must confess that I was AWOL due to work ‘sponibilities for the next two convenings that featured more good times with good friends. This brings us to (All*Star) Thursday April 11, 2013.

The Oracle was first on hand, with Quinn-O and I arriving at just about the same time. Doug E. Fresh arrived next, toting coffee and macarones from Robusta destined for the aforementioned Virginia States. Joey and Quinn started first and fast while Fresh and I nailed up. The conditions—which we do not need—were less than optimal. Cold, damp, gusty/squirrely winds…just like we like it!

A*T Artistic License!

A*T Artistic License!

Doug has been working on his Southpaw backhand and it was sailing in nicely, so my Counter intuitive game was very happy. I just tried to make plays and keep throwing strikes with a variety of angles ‘cause that is Mr. Fresh’s preference. Ted Shred and TLC strolled in from the Southwest corner and after the two of them got their Heave on, Mr. Oberhaus joined Fresh and me in our Jam. Then the Reliable One wandered in, drawing Mr. Fresh to pair off with him.  Thus, it became an all pairs A*T.

It was really a “Punch the Clock” kind of outing for all of us. The Oracle hit a couple of amazing combos, matched by Quinn-O’s natural Flow. Fresh and Roger did their thing, wrasslin’ with the wind and making it their friend. Sir Tedley? Well, he Shredded splendidly, and a good time was had by all.

The real news of that the first 2013 All*Star Thursday Guest Jammer Initiative invitation has been extended and accepted by…

Tom Lasher!

He will be coming in mid-May so our Northeast Brethren and Sistren should make there way to NYC for a early season visit. So, when are YOU Comin’ Down?!

P.S. Hey Boston – Noo Yawk knows how strong you are. We’ve  got your back!


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5 Responses to The All Star Thursday Chronicles: 2013 Roars Like a Lion Edition

  1. Circus says:

    Hello old family and recent arrivals. I’ll be back soon. I need to heal up a bit more after winter jammin-juries.

  2. Skippy Jammer says:

    New York’s Shred Tribe Keepin’ the Jam Alive!

  3. Jay Moldenhauer says:

    As usual, your writings are an inspiration and deeply appreciated. Alas, I will not be able to make it in and jam with ya’lls and my homeboy Lasher, but there will a time….a comin soon. Jam on! Jayman

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